What Happened To Jarvis McIntyre? Body Found In San Antonio Believed To Be Missing Black Navy Veteran

Jarvis McIntyre

Jarvis McIntyre. | Source: X

Navy veteran Jarvis McIntyre, 26, was last seen alive on Sunday, June 8, in an area of San Antonio where a body was found Friday. McIntyre’s family, who live in St. Louis, believe it was his body that was found at the Northeast Side park, and now they are demanding answers regarding what happened and where the reported “racist” who they believe killed McIntyre is now.

According to KENS 5, McIntyre flew from St. Louis to San Antonio to visit his two sisters during his birthday weekend earlier this month. He was supposed to return on the Sunday he was last seen, but never made it home. His mother, Monikki Williams Tippet, flew to San Antonio with his stepdad, brother and aunt last week, and they had been putting up missing persons flyers around the city since Wednesday.

Tippet spoke with the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, which identified the victim as a 26-year-old black man. Tippen believes the man is her son because McIntyre had the same tattoos that were found on the body, and because his rental car and belongings were found just a block away from John James Park, where the body was discovered.

From KENS:

“I was praying it wasn’t him,” Tippet said.

Tippet said she was informed by San Antonio police that McIntyre called 911 and was reportedly seen running in the park Sunday afternoon. McIntyre reportedly called a person chasing him a “racist.”

Tippet said the family is asking anyone who has any information about McIntyre’s death to come forward.

“I want answers now. I want this person found,” Tippet said.

The medical examiner has not officially confirmed the identity of the body or how the person died.

Tippet and her family believes someone hurt McIntyre based on his skin color or his sexual orientation. She said McIntyre enjoyed standing out and being different.

“He didn’t deserve this. They took my baby’s life for no reason,” Tippet said.

While the family waits to find out if the body the authorities discovered is, in fact, McIntyre, and, if not, what happened to him, the San Antonio Police Department is asking that anyone with information on the case contact the department at (210) 207-7660. A cause of death for the body that was found has not been reported, and the department has not confirmed that the two cases are connected.


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