Local Buzz ATX

Our Mission

At Local Buzz ATX, we are more than a website; we are a movement. Our mission is to unite, empower, and uplift the Black community in Austin, Texas. As an Austin native, I’ve witnessed the changes and challenges our community faces, especially with gentrification on the rise. But I believe that together, we can create positive change.

What We Stand For

  • Unity: We believe in the strength of our collective voice. By coming together, we can overcome barriers and build a stronger community.
  • Support: Local Buzz ATX is a platform for Black-owned businesses, artists, educators, and health professionals. We encourage collaboration and mutual support.
  • Education: Knowledge is power. We provide resources and information to empower our community, from educational opportunities to health awareness.
  • Art and Culture: Our culture is rich and vibrant. We celebrate Black art, music, and creativity, ensuring it thrives in Austin.

Meet the Team

  • Founder: As an Austin native, I’ve seen the changes firsthand. I’m passionate about creating a space where our community can thrive.
  • Contributors: Our team includes educators, artists, and health professionals who share a commitment to our community’s success.

Get Involved

Join us on this journey! Explore our website, connect with local businesses, attend events, and share your stories. Together, we can make Austin’s Black community stronger and more resilient.

Local Buzz ATX: Because when we support each other, we all succeed. 🖤🐝

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