Rep. Jim Jordan: Fani Willis Is Part Of ‘Conspiracy’ To Keep Trump Out Of Office

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is accusing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis of being part of a conspiracy to stop former President Donald Trump from winning the 2024 presidential election, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports. 

The chair of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating Willis’ prosecution case against Trump, said Willis could affect the upcoming presidential election. “Her case is the one that’s politically motivated, and the American people can see it,” Jordan said.

Jordan and Willis have gone back and forth via letter since 2023 as the GOP lawmaker once demanded the prosecutor hand over all her documents on Trump, who is facing charges of conspiracy, racketeering, and election interference in Georgia.

In response, Willis accused Jordan of obstructing a Georgia criminal proceeding. 

Now, Jordan (without proof) is accusing Willis of conspiring with federal prosecutor Jack Smith and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to make sure the Republican nominee doesn’t sit in the Oval Office again.

“…I think Americans have common sense,” Jordan said. “I think they can see it for what it is. That’s what’s going on here.” 

The congressman still wants to question Willis regarding how she spent $14 million in federal grant money and about her relationship with former special prosecutor Nathan Wade. While Wade is no longer on the case and Willis was allowed to proceed in her criminal prosecution of Trump, Jordan said “anything is possible ” in regards to his committee issuing subpoenas to the two lawyers—although he refused a Congressional subpoena to speak to the January 6 Committee.

With House Speaker Mike Johnson potentially on the chopping block for the position, according to Axios, Jordan is making aggressive power moves to be his replacement. He has privately told colleagues that he would do things differently if he were Speaker following a shouting match fight over foreign aid funding. 

In fall 2023, Jordan’s campaign for Speaker was met with limited support as 25 Republicans refused to vote for him on the House floor on his final ballot.

And Willis’ response to Jordan’s accusations?

“This ain’t even worth my time,” she told WSB-TV.

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