Young Thug’s Lawyer Calls For Judge Removal In RICO Case

Young Thug’s lawyer is calling for the judge’s removal in the YSL Rico case due to misconduct. On June 17, attorney Brian Steel filed the motion against Judge Ural D. Glanville.

The X social media account Thuggerdaily shared screenshots of the legal document. The motion detailed claims that the judge is working alongside the prosecution and thus unfit to continue overseeing the trial due to unfairness.

“The court has joined the prosecutors’ team and is biased against Mr. Williams and favorable to the prosecutors as objectively demonstrated on June 10, 2024, as well as throughout the pendency of this case,” stated the filing.

The motion comes after Judge Glanville held Steel in contempt of court for alleging he was engaging in improper behavior. According to Steel and his client, Jeffery Williams, the misconduct stems from the judge’s alleged collusion with co-defendant Kenneth “YSL Woody” Copeland. Tom Church, a trial attorney present at court, also spoke to Atlanta News First about the severity of the accusations against Glanville.

“The judge was having ex parte communications with the district attorney and a witness,” explained Church, who supports Steel. “That means he was talking to the attorney and the witness without anyone from the defense being present. And that is generally considered improper.”

Steel alleges there was a secret meeting between the district attorney, judge, and witness without others present. Judge Glanville did not deny the claims. However, law enforcement detained Steel for not disclosing how he learned that information to the judge. Steel avoided his 20-day sentence in Fulton County Jail after being granted bond in an emergency motion. An appeal of the contempt of court charge remains ongoing.

As for Young Thug, the motion also called for a mistrial in light of the allegations. The rapper faces nine charges, mainly violating the RICO Act. His case has caused a media frenzy for its ongoing obstructions, delays, and, most recently, turmoil within the defense team.

A judge has yet to rule on the motion.

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