Wisconsin Man Arrested After Allegedly Killing Wife On 60th Birthday

A man in Wisconsin was arrested after he allegedly shot his wife in the head, killing her because she stated that he “got tired” of her yelling at him.

According to Law & Crime, 59-year-old Timothy Darnell Lewis was detained and charged with first-degree reckless homicide and use of a dangerous weapon for the killing of his wife, Jacqueline Beason. The tragic incident took place on June 1, Beason’s 60th birthday, as she sat in a car outside a beauty salon in downtown Milwaukee.

WISN 12 News reported that according to a criminal complaint, Lewis and Beason were arguing, according to her daughter, who was on the phone with Beason when the incident occurred. Beason was hit in the cheek—someone who witnessed the shooting called 911.

After police caught up to Lewis, the report states that he told police officers he had a gun and a concealed carry permit. He also told them that he knew he “…was going to jail for a long time, and he knew police were looking for him.”

The next day, during an interview with investigators, Lewis told them that he had arranged a massage and pedicure for his wife and then drove to where she was having it done. He said that she was on the phone with her daughter.

“Lewis said that his wife and her daughter were yelling at him, and he got tired and took out his gun,” the complaint states. “He said that he ‘Just lost it right there.’ Lewis said he shot her one time and that he thinks he shot her in her jaw. He said that he is the one who did it; no one else did it.”

The daughter posted to her Facebook account after the shooting.

“I’m so hurt, lost, angry, confused …. I just don’t understand. My life will NEVER ever be the same. I went from celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday to planning her funeral all within 24 hours. This has to be a nightmare.”

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