Unhoused Cancer Patient Won’t Get New ID To Access $400K Raised Through GoFundMe

The houseless cancer patient who went viral earlier this year after a generous TikToker helped him get off his feet still hasn’t received the $400,000 raised on GoFundMe for him due to his alleged reluctance to obtain a new photo ID.

Sanai Graden went above and beyond for a man identified as Alonzo Hebron after he asked her for a cup of tea in February. Instead of just getting Hebron a cup of tea, Graden shared her journey to purchase groceries and medicine for the ailing man and pay for him to stay inside a hotel.

As she chronicled the development of their friendship, Graden asked social media for help to secure adequate housing and care for Hebron. Since launching a GoFundMe in his honor, Graden has raised over $400,000 for Hebron while she continues to pay for his lodging inside a hotel.

Now, popular Instagram user The Queen Po, who’s been heavily tuned into the story, is explaining why Hebron still hasn’t received the funds and why Graden isn’t to blame.

“Imagine if the only thing standing between you and $400,000 was a trip to the DMV,” she said in a video shared on Thursday, May 2. “Imagine if someone walked up to you and said ‘I’ll give you $400,000 all you gotta do is go get a new ID.”

She provided an update on Graden and Hebron, or “Unc,” as many began to call him affectionately, and how the young college student has continued to support Hebron despite alleged red flags. Not only has Hebron had allegedly suspicious guests come to his hotel that Graden pays for and ordered front desk staff not to allow her up, but he also allegedly had someone hiding in the bathroom shower during one of Graden’s visits to check on him.

Regarding the $400,00 she raised for Hebron on GoFundMe, Graden can only release the funds into a trust account for him because he has refused to obtain a new photo ID.

“It’s been months, and he still has not gone to get that ID,” she said.

“And really, it just breaks my heart because as Nai was telling this story and telling all the lies, she had to deal with all of the running around he put her through. How he’s been sneaking people up into the room and told the front desk not to let her in the room that she’s paying for.”

According to Queen Po, Hebron’s behavior highlights “two lessons” in life.

“Sometimes God will bless us with things that we are not ready for just to show us that we are not ready,” she explained. “And sometimes God will bless you with the very thing you are praying for just to show you who you really are and what you need to really work on.

She went on to call out Hebron for “fumbling” his “life-changing blessing.” She also questioned why he appears reluctant to get a new photo ID and identify himself.

“Why is you not going to get the ID, baby? I’m out of excuses in my head for you. What is going on?” Queen Po asked. “Do you think you got a warrant? You think they gonna lock you up at the DMV? You think they gonna arrest you?”

It was just days after Graden went viral for her random act of kindness that details surfaced about Hebron’s violent past. Among his past crimes include assaulting a homeless woman who was asleep outside a Washington D.C. church and serving five years in prison for stabbing a man in the neck with a screwdriver.

“I pray that Na does not allow this situation to block her helping heart,” Queen Po said. “I pray that she does not allow this situation to hinder her spirit or make her hesitant to help the next person who needs it, and I feel like she wouldn’t because she doesn’t give that energy.

“But I also pray that Nai really learns how to set boundaries based on this situation.”

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