Timbaland And Swizz Beatz Dragged After Announcing Deal To Relaunch Verzuz On X

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Hip-hop icons Timbaland And Swizz Beatz have signed a distribution deal to relaunch their popular battle series Verzuz on the social platform “X.” According to the LA Times, the two co-founders will maintain ownership of the battle series and future Verzuz streams will be free to watch on X.

Timbaland And Swizz Beatz announced their new partnership deal on Wednesday with X owner and Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk as the trio posted images from a yacht during the Cannes Lions conference in France.

“It’s official, #Verzuz is back and 100% Black Owned again. Let’s give the people what’s been missing,” the company wrote on X.

In a joint post on Instagram, Swizz Beatz also celebrated the announcement.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” wrote Swizz Beatz. “We will also be building new entertainment businesses on the X platform! Never give up on your dreams or your company 🤲🏾 Happy Juneteenth.”

Some folks weren’t too happy with Timbaland And Swizz Beatz for taking their Verzuz series to X with Elon Musk at the helm. Many users on social called out the deal and Elon’s past bigoted statements on DEI and CRT as well as his reinstatement of white supremacist accounts on the platform.

“White supremacists making money off Black labor with Black folks overseeing them on behalf of the oppressor is the American way,” a user wrote.

Other users were angry that they thought it was a good idea to make this announcement on Juneteenth, knowing Elon’s shady history of making racist comments while coddling bigots on his platform.

“This is insane that their marketing team or whoever thought this would be a good look and on THIS day. Verzuz has ran its course and did what it needed to do for the time it was needed. This is lame sellout energy, another user wrote.

“It’s unfortunate that we still feel our only option is to be used rather than build our own. For the culture doesn’t mean what it used to,” another user said on X.

Despite the backlash, the hip-hop mega producers are excited about their new venture.

“We are beyond thrilled to have found the best partner for Verzuz,” Swizz Beatz said in a statement. “Not only are we excited to have Verzuz on X, we’re excited to help X build the biggest entertainment company in the world.”


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