TikTokers Explain Why The Eyelash Extension Industry Is Dying Amid Inflation

The popularity and fanfare the eyelash extension industry experienced in recent years appears to be dying out amid ongoing inflation.

The drastic change has lash enthusiasts taking to social media to explain their reasoning for opting out of lash extensions and taking a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach to their beauty. Bllak Label compiled a list of women who took to TikTok to vent their frustrations with the lash industry and explain why they’re considering other beauty options.

According to the TikTokers, high pricing, poor customer service, consistent maintenance, and the high cost of living amid inflation, are just some of the reasons why lash extensions are becoming more of a fad and low on the list of priorities.

“Depending on where you are, a lash tech can run from $150 to $200,” the TikToker swagtastic1738 explained. “And then you have to get it maintained every two weeks. That’s another $100 to $150 depending on what your initial set was, that’s how much the fill can cost.”

Another TikToker explained why the service industry is on a decline and spoke from the perspective of someone who actually works in the industry. The user by the name of kyygirl believes it’s a generational issue with the younger professionals not being “hungry for money.”

“When I go in and get my nails done, I’ve had nail techs tell me ‘oh girl, those aren’t cute let’s do something else,’” she explains before giving the same criticism to lash and hair techs.

Others showed off the lashes they applied themselves at home, the dramatic eyelash extensions they find dangerous, and why they think lash extensions were just a “fad beauty trend” that is phasing out. In the comments section, many women explained why they either stopped or never considered getting lash extensions.

“First off, eyelashes were for special occasions, never quite understood the “everyday” Secondly, the service industry is dying because the service doesn’t match the price,” one person wrote. “Service industry workers may want to study customer service and customer retention.”

“This economy got us focusing on PRIORITIES,” another user added.

One noted the DIY approach to beauty that has been growing in recent years. However, despite the criticism and complaints against the eyelash extension industry, it’s still growing due to increasing consumer trends in beauty enhancements and personal grooming.

Luxe Cosmetics valued the lash extension market at $1.36 billion in 2020 and projects it to reach $2.31 billion by 2028. There is also a large number who opt to do their own beauty at home with 71% of consumers in the US shopping for beauty products online.

When it comes to which demographic are the largest beauty consumers it’s women between the 18-34 age range. So while many might feel like the lash industry is dying, the numbers say otherwise.

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