TikToker Keith Lee Warns He Will ‘Beat The Hell Out Of Somebody’ If Necessary

Keith Lee is not the one to play with. The TikTok star warned he would “beat the hell out of somebody” if necessary after fans swarmed him in New Orleans.

Keith Lee is famous on TikTok for his food reviews. The latest incident sheds light on how much attention Lee and his crew garner while out in public for his Keith Lee and Family Food Tour. The media frenzy turned into a swarming of the social media star in New Orleans. Lee detailed the incident to Rolling Stone, which led him to scale up his protections.

“Before I could think, the car was surrounded,” shared Lee. “People are stopping at green lights and jumping out of the car in the middle of traffic and running up to us to take pictures and crying and screaming.”

Lee typically likes to avoid any issue, giving in to his growing celebrity by adding a security detail. However, the 27-year-old trained as an MMA fighter before his rise on social media. With these skills in mind, he is also unafraid to fight back.

He continued, “I am not a person who likes conflict. I got the biggest security that you could possibly have. God is always watching over me. My hands are registered, too. I’ll beat the hell out of somebody if I have to.”

In fact, his prior profession led him to make videos on TikTok. To get better at interviews and promote his matches, Lee used the social media app to improve his public speaking.

“I was so nervous. I was sweaty. It would mess up my entire day just to hear that I had to do an interview,” explained the father and husband. “You can’t be a super-successful professional fighter and not be good on the mic. So, I took it upon myself to start doing TikTok. I just set up the camera. I started recording myself. I pretended that it was 1,000 people watching me; I would use that as an outlet to get better in front of the camera.”

Lee soon found his lane as a content creator, creating food reviews leading to over 16.3 million followers.

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