Shannon Sharpe To Deliver Keynote Address At 2024 Render ATL Tech Conference

The 2024 RenderATL Tech Conference is taking place next month during Atlanta’s Official Tech Week and will feature Shannon Sharpe and DJ Pee.Wee, aka Anderson.Paak, and more.

Atlanta’s Black-owned tech conference is taking over America’s Mart from June 12th to June 14th and will include Shannon Sharpe as keynote speaker, DJ Pee.Wee for the RenderHouse afterparty, and honor Google Engineer Kelsey Hightower, among others. Over 5,000 attendees will take part in the RenderATL Tech Conference, Expo, and Music Festival, whose impressive lineup includes over 70 partners, keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops featuring pioneers in artificial intelligence, software engineering, design, product and project management, tech leadership, and beyond.

Render’s sessions leave attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the tech and engineering industry and deep dives into the next cutting-edge technologies that will help them acquire crucial practical skills for success in their fields. There are also opportunities for employer recruitment, given the conference’s high success rates in career placement.

“2024 marks a pivotal moment for the tech community as we gather in Atlanta for RenderATL,” Justin Samues, founder and CEO of RenderATL says.

“As a technology conference, we brought together the best speakers and workshop conductors for the best continuous learning environment to help enable our attendees to go further in their careers and advance technology beyond cutting industry knowledge, especially with our cornerstone focus in A.I., for this year’s experience.”

Since its 2019 launch, RenderATL has grown year after year. It serves as an economic boost to Atlanta’s local economy, surpassing $6.5 million in revenue with events throughout the city that amplify local businesses, service providers, hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.

As the conference continues to expand and align itself with major companies, like this year’s title sponsor, Zillow, RenderATL sees how it will continue to bridge the gap between tech and culture.

“I think Black people have [had] unique experiences in the tech industry […] but as we continue to see leaders immerse, you see there’s an ability, hope, and talent that [deserves] an equal playing field,” Briana Holmes, RenderATL’s director of marketing and communications tells Rolling Out.

“That’s worth creating ourselves through taking opportunities we never thought we would, obtaining VC funding, [and obtaining] all the certifications we had the opportunity to do boot camps [for].”

There’s a bright future for Black professionals and creators in the tech space, and RenderATL aims to help more people see and align with the limitless opportunity.

“I think the Black community, specifically, is in a very unique situation. [They’re] going to be able to grow even further and [ensure] that they’re not only creating an opportunity to grow, learn, and scale their abilities and talents but also, by doing so, [creating] an opportunity to change the entire trajectory of their entire family,” Holmes said.

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