Roger Fortson’s Family Speaking Out After Delayed Firing Of Florida Cop Who Shot Airman In Own Home

Senior Airman Roger Fortson of the U.S. Air Force

Senior Airman Roger Fortson. | Source: U.S. Air Force

The family of a young Black airman officer who was shot to death by a police officer in his own Florida home are set to speak out publicly for the first time since the cop who killed their loved one was fired last week.

Roger Fortson‘s family is scheduled to break their silence on Monday morning after it took one full calendar month for the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office to determine that a deputy never should have shot the 23-year-old U.S. Air Force officer amid evidence that he responded to the wrong apartment.

Fortson’s family will be joined by their lawyer, civil rights attorney Ben Crump, at the Mt. Zion Second Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Crump announced on Friday that the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office had fired Deputy Eddie Duran, whose identity had been concealed since the May 3 shooting happened.

“The objective facts do not support the use of deadly force as an appropriate response to Mr. Fortson’s actions,” Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden said Friday.

But those same “objective facts” also demonstrate that Duran violated the law, Crump suggested in a statement.

“The firing of the officer who shot and killed Roger Fortson is a step forward, but it is not full justice for Roger and his family,” Crump said. “The actions of this deputy were not just negligent, they were criminal. As we’ve stated from the beginning, and as echoed today by Sheriff Aden, Roger was an exceptional airman who did absolutely nothing to warrant being gunned down in his own home.”

Crump referenced previous cases he’s handled where police officers shot and killed innocent Black people where they lived.

“Just as we did for Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, and Breonna Taylor, we will continue to fight for full justice and accountability for Roger Fortson, as well as every other innocent Black man and woman gunned down by law enforcement in the presumed safety of their own home,” Crump said.

Roger Fortson press conference May 16, 2024

Ben Crump holds a press conference with Roger Fortson’s family at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia, on May 16, 2024. | Source: YouTube screenshot

What happened to Roger Fortson?

Fortson was shot in his own apartment on May 3 within seconds of opening his front door after an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Duran responded aggressively to a report of a domestic “disturbance” that a witness claims never existed at that location.

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