Reality Star Sierra Gates Launches Monster Numb With Fiancé

Sierra Gates, an Atlanta-based beauty mogul and media personality, has significantly impacted the urban culture.

A leading cast member on VH1/MTV’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for the past seven years, Gates has used her platform to share her inspiring testimony. Beyond television, the recently engaged personality runs a thriving beauty bar in her hometown and tours the world with her glam class “Microblading the Sierra Way.”

With 2.4 million Instagram followers and thousands of daily views on her website, Gates continues to expand her brand. One of her latest ventures is Monster Numb, a groundbreaking numbing cream developed with her fiancé, Xzavia Thomas.

In April, Gates shared her experience on Instagram after getting a tattoo from her stomach down to her calf. The entrepreneur used her numbing cream product, Monster Numb, which worked so effectively that she felt no pain during the tattooing process. However, once the numbing effect wore off, she experienced intense pain and had to be hospitalized. This incident highlighted the potency of Monster Numb, which is now available for purchase.

“Oh my god, I’m just so excited about all the new things Monster Numb is set to do,” Gates says.

In an exclusive interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Gates candidly shared her motivations for success and her commitment to empowering young women. 

Gates’ Journey 

Gates became a young parent like her mother. “I had to decide between staying in school and struggling or getting a job to care for my daughter,” she says. So she hustled through multiple jobs at South DeKalb Mall, revealing an innate entrepreneurial spirit.

“I ended up working both jobs simultaneously until I got caught,” she laughs.

This relentless drive led her to establish her first business ventures, laying the groundwork for her future successes.

“My daughter finished high school and went to college, something I didn’t have the opportunity to do,” she says. This determination to create a better future for her daughter fueled Gates’ drive and ambition, propelling her forward despite numerous obstacles.

Developing Monster Numb

Bringing Monster Numb to market was a meticulous process that required extensive testing and refinement.

“We tested multiple products over six months,” she says. “We did a concentrated focus group, and after months of trial and error, we came up with the perfect combination and developed the most potent product on the market.”

The tattoo Numbing Cream Market is estimated to reach $2 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 11.6%. Beyond tattoos, tattoo-numbing creams can also be employed for various applications. They are also widely used for piercing, waxing, and other hair removal procedures

Gates’ tested the product during that marathon tattoo session.

“I decided to get a huge leg tattoo that took 12 hours in one setting. I felt no pain, thanks to Monster Numb. But within 48 hours, I was admitted to the hospital. My body went into shock, and I had to be hospitalized for nine days,” she reveals.

This period was a physical and emotional trial for Gates and a profound learning experience.

“It taught me that all the people you think will be there to help you might not show up,” she says. “So many people I thought would support me didn’t even send a flower or check on me.” This realization pushed Sierra to reevaluate her support system and reinforced her determination to be self-reliant. Despite the setbacks, she turned this crisis into a testament to her resilience, using her story to inspire others.

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Source: Monster Numb, numbing cream. Photo Credit: Monster Numb

Ink Responsibly

Monster Numb distinguishes itself from other numbing creams with its powerful formula and rapid efficacy. “Monster Numb is extremely fast-acting, painless—you don’t feel anything,” Gates asserts. 

The cream’s potency is evident in its ingredients. “Monster Numb is 5% Lidocaine and 2% Epinephrine HCI. “Our Lidocaine is so powerful, our cream has the highest percentage of Lidocaine in a single dosage,” she notes. This high concentration ensures maximum pain relief, allowing users to endure tattoo sessions comfortably. 

While Monster Numb is designed for tattoo enthusiasts, its applications extend to various beauty and skincare procedures. “It’s essentially the ‘go-to’ product for body art, including tattoos and piercings!” Gates explains.

Gates’s motto for the product, “ink responsibly,” reflects its commitment to safe and effective usage. Purchases are limited to five products per checkout. In addition, it is always a best practice to consult a physician and adhere to FDA guidelines before using any topical numbing agent. 

Empowering and Uplifting

“I just want to, you know, always use my platform to encourage girls that look like me and speak the glory and the greatness of God—that’s first and foremost,” Gates emphasizes. Her dedication to inspiring others is intertwined with her faith and commitment to personal growth and community support.

“I made a promise to myself and God: if you get me there, I promise you I’ll never stop talking about you. So I want to continue to do that.”

Gates’ upcoming projects include expanding her “Get A Girl Seasoning” line and launching new products that, like “Monster Numb,” that showcase her excitement and relentless innovation.

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