Plumber On Social Media Dating Show Claims, ‘All This Clout Chasing Got Me Fired’

A licensed plumber has lost his job after appearing on a YouTube dating show where he faced backlash after bantering with a lineup of women.

The professional plumber who goes by the name “veryy_handsome” on Instagram took to the platform on Monday, June 17, to reveal his unemployment as a result of the internet dating show he appeared in last week. According to the Instagram user, the criticism he received as a result of the show appearance caused the company he worked for to receive bad reviews, prompting his termination.

“All this clout chasing got me fired from work,” he wrote. “Man I really love plumbing and I’m good at it and they got that taken away from me.”

According to the axed plumber, after appearing on the YouTube dating show, critics “called the company 500xs and are messing up business.”

“This is what I get for dealing with low value women 😭 i’m hurt behind this fr this is what kept me out the streets 💔,” he wrote in the caption.

The plumber received messages of support in his comments section from many who felt the termination was unwarranted. Some further criticized his behavior on the dating show but agreed it wasn’t enough to cause him to lose his job.

“I hate how he acted, on the show definitely not cool, but to call his job and get him fired is some bs this his livelihood, I just think you dnt mess with how someone eats ijs,” one person wrote.

“The fact they did this much digging to find your job is dangerous… it’s the downside of standing on what you stand on in this “cancel culture” era… you did nothing wrong and I pray you can start your own business!” added someone else.

The backlash the plumber is facing is result of his appearance on Arlette Amuli’s YouTube dating show “Pop The Balloon or Find Love.” Published on Wednesday, June 12, the show sees one male go through a lineup of women who opt to either pop the balloon or potentially strike a match with the prospect.

The plumber was on the defense with most of the women who popped the balloon, with one clip showing him going back and forth with one woman about her arm hair.

“This segment threw everyone off 😅,” Arlette captioned an Instagram clip of the plumber’s exchange.

A second clip went viral showing one woman returning the shade to the plumber in an exchange that quickly escalated. Many agreed with the woman’s assessment of the situation and blasted the plumber for his attitude towards the lineup of women.

“He deserved every bit of that. His attitude was insane. Them other girls were letting him get away with too much disrespect,” one person wrote.

“This man shows you how to respectfully disrepect someone “you’re not even qualified queen,’” added someone else.

The plumber has since launched a GoFundMe and a t-shirt line with his now signature line “You not qualified.” From the looks of it, he plans to ride his newfound internet fame until he finds a new job.

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