Patti LaBelle’s Good Life Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix Now Available In Stores

Patti LaBelle, The “Godmother of Soul,” is delighting her fans with the exciting release of her Patti’s Good Life Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix, now available in stores.

The entertainment icon announced the tasty news on TikTok on May 21, a few days ahead of her 80th birthday, revealing that the mix was inspired by cherished moments in the kitchen, making breakfast with her grandchildren and family members. As fans would expect from the soulful legend, “This mix came straight from the soul,” LaBelle warmly shared. In a video accompanying her heartfelt words, LaBelle was captured arriving at a Kroger store to celebrate her new product on its shelves. She embraced heartwarming moments with shoppers who excitedly held up the boxed mix, signing boxes, posing for pictures with fans, and sharing laughs with employees.

In 2022, Patti’s Good Life Facebook page alerted followers of the extension to her Good Life collection, announcing that the mix would soon be coming to local stores. BLACK ENTERPRISE highlighted the 79-year-old’s burgeoning empire in 2023, noting that she ventured into the food business in her 60s. After selling over 50 million music records, the Grammy Award-winning singer focused on building her comfort food brand with her son, showcasing her passion for cooking through homemade hot sauces and barbecue sauces over 15 years ago.

LaBelle has since expanded her food endeavors with offerings like microwave pancakes, sugar-free syrup, pies, cobbler, collard greens, and more. Her passion for food complements her advocacy for improved access to diabetes care, a testimony she shared during National Diabetes Awareness Month in 2021. BE covered the influential moment where she opened up to Congress about her own experience with diabetes, a health struggle that caused her to pass out onstage 26 years ago before learning she had Type 2 diabetes.

As LaBelle debuts her Patti’s Good Life Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix at local Kroger and Ralphs Grocery stores, she hopes her fans will love the soul-infused product as much as she does.

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