New Game ‘Get The Bag’ Aims To Revolutionize Financial Wellness And Empower Players To Master Money Management

The new financial literacy game from Neon Money Club is an innovative way to educate players on financial fundamentals.

“Get The Bag” challenges players’ financial knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Building on the success of Google’s viral “No Internet Game,” this interactive experience features a resource center focused on financial wellness. Players join Freddy, the animated polar bear, as he navigates financial obstacles like bad credit, payday loans, and day trading. Through multiple-choice trivia questions, Freddy transforms from financially illiterate to savvy and quick-witted, helping players improve their financial literacy along the way.

The game, which Neon Money Club co-founder and CEO Luke Bailey describes as “revolutionary,” provides educational value and knowledge to help people sustain the confidence to manage their money in today’s unstable economy. “Neon Money Club doesn’t just champion financial literacy; we revolutionize it,” Bailey said, according to a press release shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“From boosting credit score awareness with the Score dating app to linking financial stress and overall health in our Cream Wellness Studio, to now embedding financial fundamentals into a video game like ‘Get The Bag’ — we’re continuing our mission to make financial wellness mainstream. To achieve this, we have to make literacy and good habits culturally relevant.”

Inspiration came heavily from the late fashion designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh, who created “FREE-GAME,” a center designed to target young design talent. For “Get The Bag,” an additional support layer includes online lectures and tools to sustain financial wellness. 

The team at Neon is well-versed in developing viral games with a financial twist. In early 2024, they introduced a Valentine’s Day-themed credit-focused dating app called Score. According to Bailey, the app “aims to elevate the discussion around financial health, which has remained stagnant for decades.”

The group’s mission is to extend financial wellness above and beyond traditional methods. With the new game, boundaries are pushed within the realms of financial education, bringing it to the forefront for players with engagement. “Financial education often feels like a chore, but we know it doesn’t have to be that way,” Jackie Liao, Neon’s CPO, said. 

“In a time when financial anxiety is at an all-time high, especially among our youngest generation, providing free and engaging resources is crucial. We want ‘Get The Bag’ to be more than just a game—it’s a tool to empower people to take control of their finances, alleviate stress, and build a brighter financial future with confidence.”

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