N.J. Trooper Fired After Nazi-Affiliated ‘Blood Honor’ Tattoos Were Discovered Following Unrelated Investigation

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Here’s a question:

Why does it appear to be so difficult for police departments across America to keep racists and white supremacists out of their ranks? There are so many instances in which cops are hired and, in some cases, rehired or allowed to keep their jobs after it was discovered that they hate Black peopleincluding the Black citizens they encounter while on patrol. And what about the cops who’ve sent racist texts to other officers (most of whom respond in kind), and have committed provable acts of brutality against Black people?

While claiming to protect and serve all, somehow these departments seem to purge even the most vocal Nazi thugs in blue. 

Case in point: Meet former New Jersey State Trooper Jason Dare, who was terminated from his position in November of 2023.

According to N.J.com,  the state Office of Public Integrity and Accountability found that Dare violated State Police policies involving social media and conflicts of interest in part due to his “visible tattoos associated with groups espousing racist ideology.”

But that isn’t actually and transparently named as why he was fired. According to NJ.com, the Nazi-loving ex-trooper was fired because:

  1. He entered “an occupied residence in Pennsylvania without permission (we usually just all this breaking and entering).
  2. He “discharged one round from a shotgun through the front window of his [own] residence.
  3. And finally, he made false statements to the police, went absent without leave, abused sick time, disobeyed orders, mishandling a firearm and violating “uniform and grooming standards.”

There’s no mention of the Nazi tattoos Dare was rocking, no backstory about the dude. So we’ll give it to you.

According to  recently published report by the State Police summarizing major disciplinary cases, Dare was fired in November of 2023. His dismissal came after the ex-trooper disappeared from a medical rehab facility he was sent to in early 2023. That March, Dare disappeared from the facility, prompting a multiple day, wide-scale law enforcement search for him.  The public alert that was issued by law enforcement classified Dare, the proud Nazi trooper, as a missing person, not a dangerous and likely armed suspect.

From N.J.com:

His disappearance prompted the New Jersey State Police to take the unusual step of putting out a public alert, treating it as a missing persons case.

Comments [by the public] on the division’s social media posts soon began raising questions about the trooper’s tattoos, however, including a “Blood Honor” neck tattoo visible in the photos posted by police.

“Blood and honor” was a slogan of the Hitler youth. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a variation is also associated with an array of skinhead gangs.

Users on Twitter and reddit began combing through Dare’s then-public Facebook page, flagging other photos showing iron cross tattoos on his wrists and the head of a pitbull, which is an image connected to a Pennsylvania skinhead group according to the anti-Defamation League.

The State Police later deleted the post.

Only after Dare was found, did New Jersey’s Attorney General, Matthew Platkin announce that his office would take over an internal investigation into Dare. Apparently, Dare’s Nazi-neck-tats, which were easily visible when he wore a collarless shirt (like an undershirt, for example, in a locker room), just didn’t raise any eyebrows on their own. They only became an issue after Dare’s failed vanishing act and the public’s review of his social media–which Dare’s colleagues and bosses could also have easily seen.

No one’s addressed the most obvious question: what if Dare hadn’t tried and failed at a Houdini act? How long would he and his Nazi-neck been allowed to roam the notoriously racist highways of New Jersey? Because here is the fact: Despite Dare being a open a neo-Nazi patrolling the streets Black people travel on, he only was stopped because he got caught being a trigger-happy sloppy cop who makes false statements.

Anyway, Platkin wants New Jersey citizens to know that Dare is an anomaly and white supremacist cops are not tolerated in his state.

“As I have said before, there is no place for hate in the New Jersey State Police or within the ranks of the more than 40,000 sworn law enforcement officers in New Jersey,” Platkin said in a provided statement. “The vast majority of law enforcement officers work hard to build and nurture trust with the communities we serve. When members of law enforcement are perceived to be associated with groups espousing hate or discrimination, it destroys that trust and jeopardizes the safety of our residents and officers.”

I mean, not sure where Platkin gets his data from and how that data is analyzed to arrive at his “vast majority” assertion (granting that it may be rue that the “vast majority” of Jersey’s law enforcement officers in New Jersey” aren’t wearing their white supremacist affiliations right on their necks), but Platkin’s insistence that cops with bigoted ideologies are confined to “a few bad apples” rings pretty hollow when it’s this easy for Nazi cops to fly under the radar barring an extreme situation such as a sudden disappearance from a rehab facility.

This kind of thing happens far too often in America for police officials to keep playing around in our faces by claiming it’s a rarity.

We’re not buying it.

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