Live Nation Settles Most Of The Lawsuits From Deadly Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott

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Almost three years after the tragic series of events at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival left 10 attendees dead, Live Nation has settled nine of the 10 wrongful death lawsuits related to the catastrophe. Terms of the settlements are confidential. What now remains is a lawsuit filed by the family of Ezra Blount. A trial date for the Blount lawsuit has not yet been set, remains, according to the Associated Press.

Of the 10 victims, one was just nine years of age, and the news of the deaths sparked outrage and anger towards Scott. In his initial responses to the event, Scott showed remorse during a past interview and said he wasn’t aware of what was happening in the crowd during the performance alongside Drake.

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The May 8th announcement is just the latest in three massive settlements surrounding the catastrophe. In late 2022, a $750 lawsuit filed by Tony Buzbee on behalf of the family of victim Axel Acosta and more than 120 other plaintiffs was settled confidentially. That same year, a lawsuit from the family of victim Brianna Rodriguez was also confidentially settled in 2022.

Travis Scott was profiled in a new GQ spread for its Men Of The Year, discussing his current Circus Maximus tour, his fourth studio album UTOPIA, and other topics. Of course, the Astroworld tragedy was an unavoidable topic but Cactus Jack gamely spoke to the matter at hand.

“I always think about it,” Scott said of the incident that took place in 2021. “Those fans were like my family. You know, I love my fans to the utmost.”

He added, “It has its moments where it gets rough and… yeah. You just feel for those people. And their families.”

Last summer, a criminal investigation into the accidental deaths at Astroworld festival did not result in charges against the rapper after a Texas grand jury refused to indict.

On Dec. 6 2021, Travis Scott requested that his name be dismissed from 11 lawsuits that were filed against him and the festival promoters Live Nation and Scoremore. Many of them cite “negligence” and “the encouragement of violence,” according to Buzz Feed. Defendants were seeking nearly $3 billion in damages, the outlet reported.


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