Latest Karen Video Shows ‘Crazy’ White Woman Call Black Man ‘Boy,’ Challenges Him To Fight At McDonald’s

OK, two things about this new Karen video that has gone viral on the interwebs: 1) Angry white women are getting bold, and 2) they don’t know how to roast to save their sad little lives.

I mean, just look at this embarrassing display of caffeinated Karen caucasity here:

So, it’s unclear how the confrontation started, but the video begins with the Black man who recorded the video — @slimgrim67 on Instagram — sitting in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot warning an unhinged white woman to get away from his vehicle as McKaren comes charging towards him.

“Come on…,” the white woman shouts before making sure he knows off-rip that she’s racist by calling him, “Boy!”

“Get out of your car, boy—SON!” she continued. (I’m not sure what the deal was with that “son” remark. Maybe she’s a middle-aged white woman who identifies as a ’90s New York rapper? IDK.)

As the woman starts walking back to her car, the man recording quietly says, “Go somewhere, crazy,” causing Karen to spin back around and sprint-walk towards him again, saying, “No, I’m not crazy, get out of your car now. Yeah, eating your McDonald’s. Get out of your car now, asshole!”

Again, she starts to walk away when the Black guy calmly says, “Get your order straight, which might indicate that this whole thing began when a McDonald’s worker got something wrong on her order causing her to go full Karen on everyone in sight.

“Come on! Come on, now! I’m so ready to Fight Club this sh*t,” Karen says before calling the cameraman a “p*ssy” several times for continuing to refuse to exit the car.

Now, this is where the interaction gets annoying—because we all know Karen ain’t really ’bout that life. Has she even seen Fight Club? Because it’s all fun and games until she walks up on the wrong one. Does she really want to end up looking like this:

Most likely, this white woman is out here being the equivalent of a studio gangster for the same reason the Black man isn’t leaving his car: once he puts his hands on her, no matter how much she asked for it, once the police get called—and they would have been, probably, by her—all she has to do is cry her little Karen tears and play the victim and he ends up in jail. Karen isn’t brave, she’s just white and keenly aware of her privilege.

Anyway, the woman starts trying to berate the man with racist tropes by telling him to “get a degree” and “go to school” while trying to clown him for eating McDonald’s as if she isn’t also at McDonald’s. Then the Black man points out that he’s in a much nicer car than hers.

Flabbergasted, the white woman lets out a fake laugh and begins to walk away again before spinning back around (again) because she thinks she just thought of a good comeback.

“I make a million dollars a year,” she claimed with a straight face.

Now, see, she’s lucky she pulled this white nonsense with a mild-mannered brotha who wasn’t going to roast her the way a lot of Black people would have. This would have been me the second she claimed she made seven figures a year.

“I know you f**king lyin’! Karen, your jacket looks like it was stolen from the Salvation Army, your undershirt with the slightly stretched-out collar looks unwashed, and just because your SUV looks like the color is faded to almost match the color of a dollar bill doesn’t mean you make money. You look broker than McDonald’s ice cream machine. Please go away and stop shaking your head so much before you get lice all over my fresh paint.”

But Karen was having a terrible time coming up with even a half-decent clapback. The man noted that she was also eating at McDonald’s and she claimed she was only getting coffee, which only made her sound defensive rather than like she was trading jabs. Honestly, all this woman does is repeat, “Come on,” “Get out of your car,” “Go to school” and “p*ssy” over and over again while looking like a chicken (or McChicken?) with its head cut off the way she keeps walking back and forth between cars.

It’s just a pathetic display of caucasity.

It is kind of funny though.


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