Jesseca Harris-Dupart Shows ‘Anything Is Possible’ After Sharing Her Inspiring Journey

Jesseca Harris-Dupart is giving fans an updated visual of her inspiring journey from single hair salon owner to owner of the entire chain of buildings where she grew her beauty empire.

The Kaleidoscope Hair Products founder and CEO took to Instagram on Sunday, June 2, to provide an aerial view of the massive growth of her haircare company. What started as just one hair salon in 2013 has now grown to include a variety of businesses that lease locations in “The Miracle Plaza,” which Dupart-Harris owns.

To show her followers and supporters that “anything is possible,” Harris-Dupart used herself as an example of the “LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES” that can happen “when you let GOD lead.”

“Who would’ve known the building I rented a suite in to open my salon I would eventually OWN,” she wrote in her caption.

“Crazy thing is my 1st BIG act of faith was right here when I paid the deposit to open the salon …. Cus, the balance in the bank, was real sketchy when I did it, but SCARED AND ALL…. I did it. BIG FAITH got me this BIG BUILDING ❤❤ I named it #themiracleplaza.”

“This video is for inspirational purposes only,” Harris-Dupart says at the start of the video.

She stands in front of a Jackson Hewitt location, which used to house the first hair salon she launched in 2013. She walked over to another portion of the lot past a fitness gym to show a building she bought years ago to run her first manufacturing location. But after a decade of grind and growth, Harris-Dupart is proud to announce her ownership of the entire business plaza where she launched her haircare business.

“This entire thing. This entire building. I own it,” she said.

A final drone shot image captures an aerial view of Harris-Dupart’s Miracle Plaza. She stood in front of the plaza with a big smile as Pastor Mike Jr’s “BIG” played in the background of the video.

The video testimony is an update to the video recap she shared in 2022, sharing a visual of her journey from a 20-year-old single mom of three to the owner of a large manufacturing warehouse to run her thriving haircare brand.

“Hope my story of defying the odds can let someone know ANYTHING is possible,” she wrote. “Far from where I’m goin’ but way further from where I started. Do it, do it scared, do it against the odds you’re facing.”

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