‘I Took My Wife’s Life’: Husband Of Indianapolis Kindergarten Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Confessing To Murder 

A Black man from Indianapolis is facing preliminary murder charges after allegedly confessing that he killed his wife. 

Robert Cooley faced a judge for an initial hearing on June 4 after claiming he killed Amber Morgan, 26, on June 1. An affidavit quotes Cooley telling Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) police officers after they arrived at his townhouse, “I took my wife’s life,” and, “I did something bad. I need to go to jail.” 

Once officers were inside, they discovered Morgan’s body beaten beyond recognition, with a slashed throat and a gunshot wound. According to Morgan’s mother, Starla Hart, the couple had been through rough times. Hart said her daughter reached out to her on the night of May 31, seeking guidance to start the divorce process.

“She emailed me and asked if I could get a petition for dissolution of marriage papers together to help her get out of the situation,” Hart said. 

The grieving mother said her son-in-law spiraled out of control before Morgan gave birth to a baby girl in May. Morgan’s father, Corey, believes a meeting with his daughter and new granddaughter may have sent Cooley off, claiming the assailant threatened him.

”He was very angry from me running into her, he was angry all day,” Morgan said. “He threatened me, he tried to engage in a physical altercation with me, and he was angry all day.”

As a beloved kindergarten teacher within the Victory College Prep network, Morgan said his daughter was the primary breadwinner and was financially responsible for Cooley’s lifestyle. He also mentioned he felt Cooley was manipulative to the deceased and knew the couple’s relationship was coming to an end. ”We think he tried to confront her, and she told him something he didn’t want to hear, and that escalated everything rapidly,” the father said. 

“Cause he was gonna lose his opportunity to be with her.”

According to WISH-TV, officers saw blood on Cooley’s hands and clothes, and now Morgan’s parents will be adopting her 5-week-old baby. Morgan described his daughter as “a bright star” who loved being a mother. “This woman, they don’t make ’em like that,” he said. 

The school where she worked since April 2023 released a statement describing Morgan as setting “the best examples.”

“Amber Morgan’s warm smile, nurturing spirit and caring heart set the best examples for our youngest and most impressionable students,” the statement read.

Cooley is being held in Marion County jail without bond.

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