How Dream Defenders Organizer Brittany King Combines Art And Activism

Dream Defenders

Source: Dream Defenders

As NewsOne launches its new partnership with Dream Defenders, we’re publishing profiles of several leaders within the human rights organization.


Meet Brittany King

Brittany King, also known as “BK,” has been a dedicated organizer with Dream Defenders since 2014. She shared insights into her journey and the transformative power of the organization.

“Dream Defenders not only gave me space to learn the true history of the systems that rule our world, but it also reminded me of my power and gave me an avenue to utilize and wield that power for the good of our people,” King explained.

Her involvement with Dream Defenders has been deeply personal. She strives to become the person she needed growing up in South Florida. “Knowing that I could be a support or a shoulder or a late night pickup, or, you know, someone that’s creating that community of care that I know I needed when I grew up here,” she reflected.

Dream Defenders

Source: / Dream Defenders

King spoke candidly about the challenges she has faced in her work. From witnessing traumas to dealing with emotional and social struggles. Despite these obstacles, she remains grounded by thinking of the young people in similar situations who lack the support and love they need. “I like to think that because of the movement, I am becoming who I needed when I was growing up in South Florida,” she said. “And I stand on that. That’s probably the thing that keeps me the most grounded.”

Art also plays a crucial role in King’s activism. She rediscovered her love for art, particularly theater, through her involvement in the movement. This reeducation introduced her to artists like Marian Anderson, Eartha Kitt, Shirley Graham, Ntozake Shange and Lorraine Hansberry in a new light. “Art gives us the blueprint to rehearse and refine what revolution looks like in real life time,” King noted. “If all the world’s a stage, then the movement is where we have our dress rehearsal for survival.”

Who Are the Dream Defenders?

Dream Defenders was founded in April 2012 after the tragic killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The group was marching and fighting for justice for Trayvon and so many like him.

For deeper insights into the ethos of Dream Defenders and its dynamic partnership with NewsOne, we invite you to watch the video above.


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