How Black Women Are Leading The ‘Slow Living’ Movement

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Hustle culture is out, slow living is in – and Black women are the vanguards of the movement. This softer lifestyle is more than just engaging content for Instagram and TikTok consumers; it is a mindset shift and a new way of living that could empower Black women mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It also has the power to help us break free from generational curses that have plagued Black women for centuries, inspiring a new era of self-love and freedom.

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Slow living, a form of self-care, is a subjective journey, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. In general, it’s taking a leisurely approach to daily tasks. As Black woman and TikTok user @slowlifeceo beautifully puts it, slow living is about cherishing the present and being fully engaged in the now.


present | are you savoring the moments by being present in the here and now? (🎥 credit @Joy River) #slowliving #takecareyourself #motivational #soulcare #slowdown #peacefulliving #beautifullife #slowlife #slowlifeceo #blackwomenappreciation

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What Does Slow Living Look Like for Black Women

For Black women, slow living is a powerful counter to the “superwoman schema,” a societal expectation that we must always be strong, emotionless, self-reliant, and caretaking, often at the expense of our health and well-being. As Dr. Danielle Wright has described, this expectation has trapped us in a stress-induced, fast-paced life, leaving little time for self-care and rest. Slow living, in this context, is a rebellious act, a way for Black women to reclaim our time and prioritize our well-being.

According to social media, slow living commonly focuses on physical acts that require little to no effort, such as lounging on the couch with a good book, traveling with no agenda, savoring a glass of wine, and sitting and sipping coffee and tea in the morning at an unhurried pace. For many Black women, the slow-living notion first forces us to unlearn debilitating indoctrinations that have attached our worth to serving others. Then, after the deprogramming of our psyche comes supportive actions.


I’m not saying quit your job, it’s about not feeling badly for resting. You deserve rest. #slowliving #softlife #blackgirltiktok #calmvibes #aesthetics #mallorca

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Due to the effects of slavery, the slow living concept was absent in many Black households. Instead, most Black mothers and grandmothers demonstrated how to suppress emotions and neglect themselves in order to show up for others. Therefore, it’s revolutionary for us to go against these transgenerational foundations and make the bold choice to live with a healthy portion of selfishness, intention, grace, and ease. And, because statistics show that among Black women ages 20 and older, nearly 59% have cardiovascular disease, which can spawn from stress and untreated depression, it’s time for a change – and so the slow living revolt led by Black women begins.


If youre ever feeling anxious or having an off day, try having a #slowmorning 🤍 It always puts things into perspevtive for me. #morningroutine #slowmorningroutine #slowmorningvlog #minivlig #morningroutineaesthetic #blackgirltiktok #blackgirlluxury

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Black Women are at the Forefront of the Slow Living Movement

Type “soft era for Black women” or “slow living lifestyle Black girl” in your Instagram or TikTok search bar. You will find a variety of videos or photos showcasing Black women doing anything from reciting affirmations, meeting up with friends for brunch, doing yoga, opting for a long bath instead of a quick shower, lighting candles, going to therapy, etc. And because Black women are showing up for themselves and declaring that it is our birthright to embrace a slow, steady, yet meaningful life, several brands and organizations have been put in place to encourage us to continue on this path, not just for compelling content, but to save our lives.

Slowly but surely, Black women are denouncing the superwoman stigma and welcoming a life full of peace, radical self-care, and healing. Of course, we are still focused on leveling up in our careers and being there for our loved ones, but we are starting to balance those tasks with conscientiously taking care of ourselves. This shift is a testament to our value and our right to prioritize our well-being, making us feel more deserving of a slow, meaningful life.

The revolution is unfolding and being televised (or Instagrammed), and our ancestors are smiling.


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