Former Mississippi Police Officer Sentenced To A Year In Prison After Making Prisoner Lick Urine Off Jail Floor

A former patrol officer in Mississippi will serve a year-long prison sentence for forcing an arrested man to lick urine off a jail cell floor. 

According to The Associated Press, Michael Christian Green was sentenced June 12. He is scheduled to go to federal prison for the maximum prison time July 26 on the misdemeanor charge of acting under the color of law to deprive a person of their civil rights.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew S. Harris handed the 26-year-old the sentence after Green pleaded guilty to the offense on March 14, 2024.

Green committed the crime while on duty as a certified law enforcement officer with the Pearl Police Department.

The Associated Press reported that Green lost his job December 27, after security surveillance footage revealed his misdeed four days earlier.

The incident took place in Pearl, a suburb of the capital city of Jackson.

Video footage shows that after the prisoner was placed in a holding cell, he tried to alert Green that he needed to urinate.  Court records revealed that, after waiting for some time, the suspect relieved himself in a corner. After he had urinated, Green took him back into the cell and made him get on the floor and “suck it up.”

Green then took videos on his mobile phone when the man got on the ground and did as Green instructed. In the process of the man performing the deed, Green told him, “Don’t spit it out.”

City officials stated that they learned about the “disturbing event” over the Christmas weekend. After starting an investigation using an independent attorney, Mayor Jake Windham said Green resigned on Dec. 27.

The man who was arrested is identified in the court document only by his initials, B.E., the Associated Press reported. The security camera footage also showed Green threatening to beat B.E. with a phone.

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