First Black Woman-Owned Brewery, Bubble Line, Coming To Minnesota In 2025

A trailblazing venture is on the horizon as Brittney Mikell prepares to unveil Minnesota’s inaugural Black woman-owned brewery.

Slated to open in St. Paul’s historically Black Rondo neighborhood in early 2025, Bubble Line Brewing Company aims to diversify an industry lacking representation. Among the state’s over 200 breweries, CBS News noted that only a handful are owned by women or people of color.

“The brewing industry isn’t very diverse in our state and in general as it stands,” said Mikell, acknowledging the significance of her endeavor. “We tend to get a lot of innovation and a lot of new thoughts when there’s diversity involved in the picture. I think that as the brewing world matures because it’s been around for a little bit, that innovation piece is going to be really important.”

The brewery’s vision extends beyond just beer. Mikell envisions a warm, plant-filled oasis offering respite from Minnesota’s harsh winters, complete with kid-friendly spaces and apprenticeship programs for brewers of color. In addition to beer, the menu will feature non-alcoholic options like lemonade and lattes. As Mikell said, according to Eater Twin Cities, “We’re really focused on innovation — you have to make a damn good beer.” She is particularly excited for patrons to sample its Honeycrisp apple blonde ale.

Bubble Line aims to be a model for inclusivity and sustainability. Mikell plans to pay staff a living wage, implement eco-friendly brewing practices, and host several community events. A library nook stocked with home-brewing books will further foster education and engagement.

The brewery’s name, derived from a chemistry term Mikell learned in college, pays homage to her scientific background, which ignited her passion for brewing. An initial crowdfunding campaign raised over $20,000 in under a week, and according to CBS News, Mikell will soon announce another effort seeking $500,000 in donations to bring this pioneering vision to life.

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