Fans Demand Refunds From Rick Ross After Being Unable To Get To ‘Forbidden Land’ For 3rd Annual Car & Bike Show

“Waiting 3 hours to get to a shuttle was terrible. Security was TRASH, they didnt do their job. They let ppl cut the line. They need to do wayyyy better. I won’t be going again because of it!”
@paigeemccannn you are absolutely right! We were lucky to wait 1 1/2 hours. But that return from the shuttle took me over the edge. Cops weren’t shit! This one female cop was picking people from the crowd and allowing them on. They were splitting up families. People were jumping the barricade they decided to place up while we were standing. Cops were like walk to the end we will let you on a bus, then they didn’t! Hot mess! Never again in life periodt!”
“Can we get into the show though? Been standing in line for an hour. These shuttles are 30 minutes apart.”
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This is the second straight year that there were complaints about the event. After last year’s car show, according to WSB-TV, residents in the area who visited the plaza near Ross’ property complained about the amount of garbage left in the area. Although there was no direct evidence linking the trash to Ross’ event, people who shop and work there made that accusation. Ross’ attorney denied it had anything to do with the rapper’s event.

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