Fani Willis Declares ‘The Campaign Begins’ After Securing Georgia’s Democratic Primary Nomination

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has secured the renomination for the Democratic party during the primary election in Georgia. 

In her bid for reelection on May 21, Willis beat out attorney Christian Wise Smith and will face off against Republican Courtney Kramer in the fall. During her victory party, which she said could be looked at as a fundraiser with T-shirts for sale, Willis said “the campaign does not end tonight, it begins tonight.” 

She highlighted the start of her journey four years ago when she promised Fulton County that she would tackle the rise of gang violence, which she said people told her and City of South Fulton Chief of Police Keith didn’t exist. “We were really frustrated because we were telling people there was a gang problem. They said there was a gang problem in Chicago, there was a gang problem in L.A., might have been a gang problem in D.C, but there was not a gang problem in Atlanta and we would say, ‘No, there is,’” she said. 

“And if you don’t deal with reality, reality will deal with you. And so we put into effect a balanced approach. But I need everyone in here to understand, this is just a pause. We are not at the end of the road.” 

Pressing her way in the general election comes as no surprise. On top of a large fundraising haul, Fulton County, which includes most of Atlanta and a Democratic favorite, close to 73% of county voters voted for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Now, Willis can continue to fight against former President Donald Trump in the highly anticipated Trump election interference trial. 

The prosecutor obtained an indictment in August 2023 against Trump and 18 co-defendants, accusing them of conspiring in an alleged illegal scheme to overturn Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. So far, four people have pleaded guilty after reaching deals with prosecutors. 

Trump and the 14 others have entered not guilty pleas. 

After a brief pause following a public filing in January 2024 due to an alleged affair between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade, hired by Willis, a judge ordered that Willis could stay on the election interference case in March 2024 if Wade was removed from the team. Wade resigned hours later

Atlanta’s Mayor Andre Dickens attended the party, issuing support for Willis. “The people said yes to justice. The people said yes to safety,” he said to the crowded room. “The people said yes to integrity. The people said yes to Fani Willis.” However, her opponent has been busy attacking her in interviews and social media. 

As a former Trump White House intern, according to Politico, Kramer jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, claiming the four-time indicted politician is a “victim of selective prosecution.” No matter your political affiliation, it is clear that @realDonaldTrump is undoubtedly a victim of selective prosecution due to another rogue District Attorney who will stop at nothing to weaponize the justice system for personal gain,” he said in April 2024. 

“I’d love to see the communications between Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis leading up to this…”

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, the judge overseeing the Trump Georgia trial, also won a primary election. In a nonpartisan election, McAfee will have a full, four-year term.

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