Congressman Applauds Heckling Of War Protestors At Ole Miss, Including Racial Taunting Black Woman With Monkey Gestures

A U.S. congressman has endorsed the actions of hecklers harassing student protestors at the University of Mississippi. Georgia representative Mike Collins made a supportive post including a video of a counter-protestor making monkey noises at a Black student.

The congressman hosted his support to his X account on April 3, as reported by the Associated Press. In his message, he applauded the Ole Miss students who were racially taunting the demonstrators.

“Ole Miss taking care of business,” shared Rep. Collins.

The video showed the counter-protestors outnumbering those protesting. The clip showed a horde of primarily white male students in an attempt to intimidate the demonstrators.

The dean of students and campus police tried to keep the protestors and hecklers apart, despite the two groups verbally sparring. As tensions increased, one of those student hecklers appeared to make monkey noises toward a Black woman protestor.

The school is part of a growing number of college campuses demonstrating against the Israel-Hamas war. Like many protests, the students chanted “Free Palestine” and advocated for the U.S. to stop supporting Israel.

Upon the footage going viral for the racial harassment, the school’s chancellor announced the launch of a “student conduct investigation.” He further stated that such offensive action would not be tolerated on campus.

“To be clear, people who say horrible things to people because of who they are will not find shelter or comfort on this campus,” he said.

The school has a majority white population, with Black students accounting for 11% during the 2022-2023 school year. Moreover, the school has a troubled history of integration, with the enrollment of its first Black student James Meredith sparking the Ole Miss Riot in 1962.

However, the conservative lawmakers of Mississippi and fellow Republicans have relayed their support toward the Pro-America hecklers. Alongside a video showing the hecklers singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves shared the love for his state.

“Warms my heart,” Reeves wrote. “I love Mississippi!”

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