Charlamagne Tha God Says Black Support For Trump Has Been Overstated

Radio host Charlamagne tha God has cast doubt on Black voter support for Donald Trump. In an interview with the BBC‘s Americast on June 7, Charlamagne suggested the inference that Black Americans will turn from the Democratic party this upcoming election to vote for Donald Trump seems to be “overstated.”

In the interview, he said, “Everybody keeps talking about Donald Trump and the inroads he’s making with black men, but I don’t see it.”

“I don’t know if those polls are accurate,” Charlamagne tha God told BBC. His claims come on the heels of President Joe Biden and Donald Trump attempting to lure in more Black voters as the November White House election draws closer. According to polls, the race is tight, while some prominent swing states have shown that Trump is reportedly gaining slight traction with Black voters.

“I’m sure there are some Black men that support Donald Trump, but that is not the overall sentiment,” Charlamagne, legally named Lenard McKelvey, explained.

A New York Times and Sienna College poll reported that “over 20% of Black voters in key swing states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — would back Trump in November.” But still, a majority of Black voters are leaning toward the Democrats.

Despite what the polls show, the host of The Breakfast Club claimed the results are “a little over-overstated.” He did however acknowledge that the trends of the Democrats could be due to rising Black voter frustration. “History has shown us that the Democratic party hasn’t fulfilled a lot of its promises,” he added. “The thing I would always say to the Democrats and President Biden is black people are always yours to lose.”

Charlamagne also referenced the fact that Trump might choose Tim Scott just to win over more of the African-American vote. He said, “Just because you have Black skin color doesn’t mean that you will be able to energize Black people to run out there and vote for you. And Tim Scott is not gonna move that needle with Black voters.”

Yet Charlamagne called Trump and Biden “the two worst candidates ever in the history of candidates running for president.”

And his vote? He told the BBC, “I’m voting to preserve democracy this year.” 

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