Cardi B Boosts Korean Noodle Maker’s Stock By 30% With Viral TikTok Post

Cardi B’s co-sign can lead to business success. Korean instant noodle maker saw its stock rise exponentially after the rapper posted about its product.

Cardi B originally posted about making the Samyang Food Co.’s signature buldak noodles with food review TikToker Keith Lee on March 20. She and Lee acknowledged the noodles’ viral popularity, as the 31-year-old revealed the lengths she traveled to actually find the coveted product.

@keith_lee125 Buldak Carbonara Ramen Noodle taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic @Cardi B ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

“I’ve been seeing these Buldak carbonara-flavor noodles all over TikTok, all over social media,” said the Grammy winner. “I drove 30 minutes, well somebody drove me, to a H Mart so I can finally get it.”

The duo mixed in mozzarella cheese and milk as the viral concoction requires, but were not huge fans of the spicy meal themselves. Following Cardi’s unsponsored social media promotion, the company’s stock reached a record-high increase of 30 percent. It beat out longtime rival NongShim Co. with its new market valuation of $2.5 billion, as reported by Fortune.

Cardi B’s impact contributed to a 50% jump in sales for the instant noodle product, as well as aiding its tripled first-quarter profit compared to last year. The company earned $59 million during the timeframe.

Currently, shoppers at big retailers such as Walmart and Costco can get their hands on the pink-packaged product. However, with its growing success, Samyang wants to expand to other grocers in the near future. It also released a less spicy version of its flagship ramen, widening its audience for U.S. consumers.

Cardi B is also well aware of her impact on social media, and has the partnerships to show for it, working with NYX cosmetics, McDonald’s, and Nike as a media personality. No future collaboration between the Samyang and the rapper has been revealed to the public.

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