Cardi B And Sha’Carri Richardson Link Up In New Olympics Ads

Cardi B and Sha’Charri Richardson go for gold in advertising. The ‘Up’ rapper and Olympic hopeful star in NBCUniversal’s new ads for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The commercial, “When Sha’Carri met Cardi,” debuted during NBC’s Kentucky Derby broadcast on May 4. The 2-minute clip featured the Grammy winner indulging in a self-care moment with the track star as the duo got their nails done.

“I’ve been dying to meet you, and I’ve been dying to talk to you,” shared Cardi as Richardson arrived at her door.

The 24-year-old responded, “No, seriously, like, have a deep, real conversation. Not no surface level, some depth.”

Cardi B inquired about Richardson’s preparation for the Summer games during their nail appointment.

She asked, “I want to know a little bit about the training. How many times a week do you train? How many hours?”

Richardson shared insight into the schedule of an Olympic hopeful, sharing that her “nine to five” job is to train on the race track.

She continued, “It’s worth the hard work, it’s worth the sacrifices. In those moments it shows that this is why I do what I do.”

Richardson is all-in this year, letting nothing stop her from the world’s stage in track and field. Before this, Richardson was disqualified from the previous Olympic games in Tokyo after testing positive for cannabis use.

“I have no plans of letting life, adversity, any obstacles stopping me form being in Paris,” the athlete proclaimed.

The duo shared their love of Paris, and Richardson ended the snippet by asking Cardi B to spectate the games. In a statement about the latest advertisement, NBCUniversal’s CMO Jenny Storms spoke on the decision to pair Cardi with Richardson.

“With the Paris Olympics quickly approaching, we are continuing our push to create combustible moments that will break through the clutter and resonate across multiple audiences,” expressed Storms in a press statement obtained by Forbes.

“Pairing Sha’Carri with Cardi was a natural fit. They are titans in their respective fields, mutual fans of each other, and share many common interests. Audiences across sports, music, and pop culture will gravitate to their genuine affection and respect.”

However, the conversation does not end there, with more parts soon released to viewers. The Olympics themselves kick off in the City of Lights on July 26.

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