Bronny James Will Take His Chances In NBA Draft

With the option to stay in the 2024 NBA Draft or to continue his collegiate basketball career, Bronny James will try to join his father, LeBron James, in the NBA.

According to ESPN, with a deadline approaching to inform the NCAA of his return to play college ball in 2024-25, superagent Rich Paul said Bronny will be in the 2024 NBA draft, which will take place June 26 and 27.

After being taken off ESPN’s 2024 mock draft earlier this year, Bronny made an impact during the NBA pre-draft combine. He is now listed as the No. 54 prospect in the ESPN 100, meaning he is expected to be picked in the draft’s second round.

For the last several years, LeBron James has made it known that he wants to play with his son before he retires. Since the elder James can opt out of his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, intrigue has surfaced: With the possibility of a team drafting Bronny to lure LeBron, Bronny could realistically be picked in the first round.

“Bronny’s [draft] range is wide,” Paul said. “He’s a really good prospect who has a lot of room for growth. It only takes one team. I don’t care where that team is—it can be No. 1 or 58—[but] I do care about the plan, the development. The team’s strategy, the opportunity, and the financial commitment. That’s why I’m not doing a two-way deal. Every team understands that.”

Paul said the Lakers will have to take the same approach as any NBA team that may want to draft Bronny.

“If they value him enough and he’s there, that’s great,” Paul said. “If it’s not the Lakers, that’s great. I won’t be mad if it’s not. It’s obvious that people hear the conversation around the dad and son playing together, but that’s not our focus. If it happens organically, great. I’m not building on that.”

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