Boxer Ryan Garcia Expelled From WBC After ‘Anti-Black’ And Islamophobic Social Media Rant

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While many Americans were celebrating the 248th anniversary of the day white people officially gained their independence from other white people, boxer Ryan Garcia was celebrating the true spirit of the Fourth of July by enjoying his liberty and freedom to continue being racist AF.

Garcia had already recently been suspended for a year by the New York State Athletic Commission after testing positive multiple times for performance-enhancing drugs, which also resulted in his April 20 victory over boxer Devin Haney being changed from a win to a no-contest match. Instead of laying low and possibly salvaging his athletic career, Garcia managed to get himself expelled by the World Boxing Council on Thursday following his anti-Black, Islamophobic and generally bigoted social media rant, which he later tried to excuse by claiming he was just “trolling.”

Garcia’s reprehensible “trolling” didn’t stop at the words that came out of his mouth. He also went on a whole Xitter rant where he went back and forth between tweeting “I love n*ggas” and “I love Black people,” and posting anti-Black remarks about Black-on-Black crime that indicated much contempt for the Black people he claimed to love. He also hosted a X Spaces chat titled, “George Floyd is a b**ch,” and said he wanted to bring him back to life so he could “go kill that n*gger again.”

In audio recordings that have been floating around X, Garcia can be heard describing himself as “anti-Black” and using the N-word several times while repeatedly declaring himself a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He can also be heard saying, “F**k all you weird-a*s Muslim f**kers” while another voice can be heard telling him he’s “going to regret saying all of this,” to which he replied, “Guess what? I will never be touched because I’m with GodI’m with Jesus.”

Apparently, Jesus was somewhere minding his own business and not standing with Garcia when World Boxing Council (WBC) President Mauricio Sulaiman announced that the boxing organization would no longer have anything to do with the 25-year-old.

“Exercising my authority as president of the WBC, I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization,” Sulaiman posted. “We reject any form of discrimination. I fear for Ryan’s well-being as he has declined multiple attempts for our help with mental health and substance abuse.”

Following the backlash, Garcia posted the laziest non-apology imaginable, saying, “I was trolling I want all the killing to stop. I love everyone sorry if I offended you.” (Seriously, has there ever been a public figure who was lacking in PR training like this?)

The WBC and Garcia’s chosen deity weren’t the only ones to distance themselves from the loud and proud bigot over his racist and idiotic “trolling.” Garcia’s own parents issued a statement saying, “Our family unequivocally does not support any statements he has made regarding race or religion” before going on to excuse his behavior by focusing on his struggles with substance abuse as if there’s some kind of Nazi narcotic out there that turns someone who wasn’t previously bigoted into a Klan fan who hates Muslims, Black people and other assorted minorities including Mexicans, which, of course, is odd considering his own Mexican heritage.


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