BLK Dating App To Select 3 HBCU Grads For New MBA Program

The leading dating and lifestyle platform for the Black community, BLK, has announced an innovative program called the BLK MBA (Master of Black Affection).

This initiative aims to support recent graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as they transition from academia to the workforce while redefining professional and dating dynamics, as stated in a press release. According to Jonathan Kirkland, Head of Marketing at BLK, the company’s commitment to the Black community expands beyond the dating realm. “The BLK MBA Program showcases our dedication to creating opportunities for professional growth and personal development for recent HBCU graduates,” Kirkland said. “Through this initiative, we hope not only to address the employment challenges faced by Black graduates but also to enrich our platform with diverse perspectives and experiences.”

BLK is awarding a stipend to three exceptional HBCU graduates to participate in a transformative summer experience. Unlike traditional MBA programs, participants will partake in an immersive journey with the BLK community and work alongside the brand to delve into Black Gen-Z’s approaches to dating, networking, and creating connections.

Through the program, selected grads will provide feedback to enhance the user experience. Establishing meaningful connections with other Black singles, recent graduates, young professionals, and business leaders, the participants will actively network, arrange meetings, and go on dates with the aim of creating lasting relationships, with the hopes of developing significant partnerships and job opportunities. BLK looks ahead to its inaugural participants as they help shape the future of dating for Black Gen-Z as they gain invaluable knowledge on effective networking.

The digital dating platform boasts over 11 million downloads and has been described as “the go-to app where Black love is celebrated in all its forms,” and users can share their authentic selves while creating meaningful relationships. As previously mentioned by BLACK ENTERPRISE, the app has curated a safe space for Black singles in the online dating community.

The BLK app is user-friendly and available now to download for free. Check out other perks on BLK’s platform, like a new special feature recently covered by BE that is specifically designed to appeal to spring breakers traveling to popular destinations.

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