BlackHealthCon 2024 To Unite Black Healthcare Professionals In Washington, D.C.

Black Health Connect (BHC) is gearing up for its highly anticipated #BlackHealthCon 2024 conference, set to return in Washington, D.C., from July 11-14.

This year’s event promises an expanded lineup dedicated to advancing Black healthcare professionals and fostering a vibrant community through its key commitments to Connect, Amplify, Represent, and Educate.

“Black Health Connect is more than just a conference—it’s a movement,” BHC Founder Dr. Duclas Charles said in a press release.

The conference aims to facilitate meaningful connections and foster lasting relationships among like-minded professionals through engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to forge valuable bonds and expand their professional circles. Recognizing the significance of amplifying Black voices in healthcare, #BlackHealthCon 2024 will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and spotlight sessions. These platforms will shine a deserving light on leaders and innovators within the Black healthcare community, ensuring their voices resonate loudly and their contributions are recognized.

Moreover, attendees will engage in thought-provoking discussions, critical analysis, and the development of actionable strategies to confront systemic impediments and obstacles that impede the careers of Black healthcare professionals and the outcomes of their patients. “…We are proud to continue our mission of advancing Black healthcare professionals and driving meaningful change in the industry,” Dr. Charles said.

Education remains the bedrock of the BHC movement, with informative sessions, hands-on workshops, and strategic collaborations meticulously designed to empower attendees with the vital knowledge and skills essential for thriving in their careers and leaving an indelible positive impact on healthcare. The platform will furnish educational resources spanning career development to health equity initiatives.

BHC extends an enthusiastic invitation to attendees to come equipped with business cards, elevator pitches, colleagues, and friends as the conference unites a multitude of professionals, organizations, companies, and small businesses under one expansive roof. An Expanded Business Expo will grant guests exclusive access to pioneering ventures, innovative solutions, and unparalleled opportunities to exponentially grow their professional networks.

The conference will culminate in “A Bigger Black Health Ball,” a resplendent gala event celebrating excellence and paying homage to the rising luminaries of the healthcare field.

For more information and registration details for #BlackHealthCon 2024, visit BHC’s website. Check out a recap of last year’s conference below.

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