Black Woman Creates ‘Aipro,’ A Culturally Intelligent Copywriting Tool Powered By AI

Apryl Beverly, a renowned copywriting expert, has unveiled Aipro, a groundbreaking AI-powered copywriting tool designed to generate culturally intelligent marketing content.

The flagship product, PRO (Pitch, Respond, Offer), employs a culture-first approach to create engaging, persuasive, and culturally appropriate copy for various business needs. This innovative platform aims to bridge the gap in AI-generated content by offering a solution that resonates with diverse audiences. “I use, teach, and train on AI content creation, but the one thing that every tool seems to miss is a diverse experience,” Beverly said on her website.

The tool’s versatility extends to creating opt-in landing pages, sales emails, social media posts, ad copy, and detailed RFP responses. Aipro’s unique selling point lies in its ability to incorporate appropriate slang while avoiding potentially offensive language.

“Aipro not only writes great copy but also understands and respects the diverse cultures of its users. Here, the conversational style of writing you want is the initial response. Of course, you can ask Aipro to go ‘more formal,’ and it’ll gladly rise to the occasion,” she said. “The platform is similar to the others, so there’s no learning curve to getting Aipro to write great copy from the start. But the vibe and culturally smart sales copy is in a class all [on] its own.”

Beverly’s impressive track record includes generating $3 billion in client revenue over her 20+ year career. According to Black News, she became the first Black woman to license a copywriting course to over a thousand educational institutions worldwide. Her academic background combines journalism and marketing, complemented by extensive experience in corporate communications and proposal writing. Her latest copywriting tool builds on Beverly’s history of trailblazing in the copywriting industry. In 2018, she launched Word Stylistz, the first woman-owned flat-rate copywriting platform catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

As Aipro prepares for its June 21 launch, interested parties can join the waitlist now to be among the first to experience this culturally smart AI copywriter.

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