‘Black Jobs’: New Biden Campaign Ad Rips ‘Racist’ Trump Debate Rant

Donald Trump holds rally in Commerce

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President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris recently released a new radio ad slamming Donald Trump for his racist “Black jobs” rant during last week’s Presidential debate.  In what many are calling the most viral moment of the debate, Trump told the American people that immigrants are “taking Black jobs.”

Titled “Not for Us,” the 60-second spot opens with Donald Trump’s own words, “They’re taking your Black jobs,” and goes on to portray a dialogue between two Black voters discussing what exactly IS a Black job?  The ad then shows voters trying to untangle Trump’s bigoted and racist words as he attempts to pit two minority groups against one another while stoking fear. The team also released a 30-second version highlighting what they say is the most important “Black job” of all: “Making sure the guy that said ‘Black jobs’ – never becomes president again.”

In juxtaposition, the ad also reveals President Biden and Vice President Harris have supported Black America, including creating millions of new jobs, the booming number of Black-owned small businesses and record-low Black unemployment.

“Donald Trump thinks so little of Black people that he can’t help but to keep saying the quiet part out loud: He thinks only certain jobs are ‘Black jobs,” said Biden-Harris 2024 Co-Chair and former Congressman Cedric Richmond. “It’s why he launched his real estate career getting sued for not renting to Black people and launched his political career attacking Barack Obama, the first Black president. It’s why he attacked and insulted Congressmen John Lewis and Elijah Cummings, civil rights heroes. In his mind, leading this country is not a ‘Black job.’ To him, my job as a United States congressman or senior advisor to the President of the United States is not a ‘Black job.”

He continued, “He’s wrong – and Black America isn’t going to stop letting him hear about it. Trump has shown us who he is again and again and again, and Black voters are already – loudly – rejecting his racism. We’ll do the same at the ballot box this November.”

According to the Biden-Harris 2024 team, the ad buy was part of an initiative to ramp up investments to reach the voters who will decide this election. The ad will air in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Michigan beginning Friday on national radio including the Breakfast Club, Steve Harvey, DL Hughley, Rickey Smiley, Keith Sweat, Morning Hustle, and more.

Back in March, the Biden-Harris administration released a pair of campaign videos in which the president spoke directly to Black Americans regarding his strategies to propel Black America forward and address the aftermath of the Trump administration’s “disastrous” actions.

The ads, titled “Price” and “Back,” respectively, also ran in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The Biden-Harris administration’s ad campaign follows the NAACP releasing its first-ever “Black Policy Agenda,” outlining policies that it would like Biden to uphold if reelected.

According to the organization, healthcare, voting rights and fair labor laws are pressing concerns for Black Americans nationwide.


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