Black Barber Says Customers Are Dwindling After Hosting ‘Blacks For Trump’ Event

Black Barber Says Donald Trump Misled Him To Use His Shop

Source: 11 Alive / Rocky Jones / Rocky’s Barbershop / Black Barber

A Black barbershop owner who let his place of business be ground zero for the jig, aka a Blacks for Trump event, is now feeling the wrath of the orange menace.

Speaking with 11 Alive, a local news affiliate, Rocky Jones, owner of Rocky’s Barbershop in Buckhead, Atlanta, is now claiming he was “misled and blindsided” after the GOP’s orange ruler, disgraced former president Donald Trump, called into the event while filming was happening to promote Trump ahead of last week’s presidential debate.

“Why is the …ex-president calling somebody in my barber shop? This has nothing to do with small Black businesses.”

Leading the event were Trump’s favorite loyal Black bootlickers,  Rep. Byron Donalds  (R-FL), and his former HUD secretary, Ben Carson, and it was a huge bust because there were more white folks in attendance than Black folks.

Jones also claims the number of customers coming into the shop is dwindling after participating in the stunt.

“We had some calls Thursday. We definitely got some calls, some backlash, some angry people that don’t know me and I have to deal with that,” Jones said.

The Trump team caught wind of Jackson’s comments and, in typical fashion, attacked the Black small business owner, providing receipts in the form of a contract Jackson signed.

Per Raw Story:

The response was first reported by Atlanta News First staff.

“The Trump campaign has responded to a Black business owner’s claim that he was blindsided by an event they held at his barbershop this week – by posting to social media a purported contract between the owner and the campaign for ‘a political event’ at the shop,” the outlet reported. “The campaign held an event they called the Black American Business Leaders Barbershop Roundtable at Rocky’s Barbershop in Buckhead on Wednesday, the day before the highly anticipated debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.”

Black Folks Are Giving Rocky Jones The Side Eye

Jones isn’t finding any comfort from his people, Black folks, who are telling Jackson you should have known better in the first place than to anything Donald Trump-related.

“He wasn’t misled. He miscalculated the impact of his decision. Took a check and lost his reputation. Now he wants to gaslight us into thinking he was somehow misled to recoup customers. Nope! Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver,” a user on X, formerly Twitter, wrote. 

Another user on X wrote, “I don’t even participate in politics” needs to become a scarlet letter Telling us you don’t care abt yourself or others should be looked down upon.”


You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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