50 Cent Squashes Past Beef With Cam’ron Brings Him Onstage At Las Vegas Show

A performance in Las Vegas proves that rivals can become friends. “How to Rob” rapper 50 Cent performed at Drai’s Nightclub and brought out former nemesis Cam’ron as a special guest.

The “Power” executive allowed the Harlem rapper and current podcaster to do two of his songs while onstage. The Dipset affiliate performed “Touch It or Not” and “I Really Mean It” as the crowd was surprised by the appearance of Cam’ron. The “It Is What It Is” co-host is now a Vegas resident and tapes his show in the Nevada city.

Cam’ron did discuss the root of the beef that took place many years ago. It started when 50, notorious for his trolling and straight disrespect toward other artists, threw a jab at fellow Dipset member Jim Jones after he signed with the independent label Koch.

50 stated that the label was a “graveyard” for rappers who didn’t have a deal with a major label. Since Jones was part of his crew, Cam felt he was a part of the beef and had to share it with his childhood friend.

“When me and 50 Cent was going on, that shit was fun. Shout out to my n**ga 50, we good now too. But when 50 dissed me, it started when 50 said Koch [Entertainment] is the graveyard for a lot of rappers.

“At the time, Jim Jones had just gone to Koch, and Jim Jones is Dipset, so we got into a whole argument on the phone. All that sh** to me was just music.

“Even when 50 and me spoke, he was like, ‘Let’s get to this money.’ When we spoke, we laughed about that sh**. At the time, I went at 50 because he had done a diss track. 50 was putting n**gas out of business with his diss songs.”

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