3 Louisiana Black Boys Catfish Local News Anchor Who Was Allegedly Soliciting A 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex

A former local news anchor from Shreveport is under investigation after three Black men allegedly catfished him in the act of trying to solicit a 15-year-old girl for sex. 

Antonio Coleman, his cousin Kameron Kennon, and friend Kataurio Grigsby told KTAL News Louisiana it is their mission to catch grown men trying to have sex with underage girls. “What we do is like we catch child predators,” Coleman said. The self-described predator hunters have been playing catfish since May 2024 by pretending to be an underage girl online

They were surprised when it was revealed one of the men they were chatting with was allegedly a former KTBS news anchor and the station’s news director, Bill Lunn. 

The three men created a fake profile on the “Meet Me” app using the photo of an underage girl. Lunn sparked a conversation on May 28th. Coleman says he exchanged dozens of text messages, that quickly turned sexual, for hours. “He was like sending pictures to her. He was saying like he wanted to do this to her,” Coleman said. “Explicit things that I can’t say on camera.”

To confirm it was Lunn, the trio allegedly cross-checked Lunn’s LinkedIn account to find the same number he was texting. After allegedly sending sexually explicit photos of himself, Lunn set a date and time for him and the girl to meet on May 29th. Coleman said that as soon as he, his cousin, and his friend jumped out of the car, Lunn ran. “As soon as he saw us, he just darted out,” Coleman said.

“You could see the guilt in his eyes. He knew like, ‘Oh, I’m done.’” 

On May 29, Shreveport Police received a call from Lunn claiming he was the victim of an assault and battery. However, a case report painted a completely different story, as the alleged offense was computer-aided solicitation for alleged sexual purposes. Coleman, Kennon, and Grigsby waited for police to arrive, and Grigsby remembered what Lunn was saying as he ran away. “As Bill was running off, he yelled, ‘I have a wife and kids,’” he said. 

“I’m sitting there as he’s running off, like in my head, how can you say that when you literally walked yourself in the house expecting to meet an underage teenager.”

According to The New York Post, Lunn resigned from his role at the news station on June 3, and his profile was immediately removed from the website. His attorney, Dhu Thompson, released a statement saying the former media personality “vehemently denies” all the allegations pushed against him. “It is our preliminary understanding that this incident was not the result of a law enforcement investigation, but rather one done by private individuals,” Thompson said.

“Our primary concern at this time is that law enforcement receives all evidence surrounding this incident so that they can make a thorough and complete review. Mr. Lunn has cooperated with authorities and vehemently denies any allegations of wrongdoing.”

The trio claim Lunn was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car for hours. However, no charges have been filed against Lunn or the men involved so far. The former news anchor is one of ten men the hunters have allegedly caught in a matter of three weeks. “It’s just crazy how fast, like how fast, they are willing to meet young females,” Kennon said. 

“It’s crazy.”

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