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Michigan politician Eric Mays may be gone, but his legacy as a passionate and determined city councilman for Flint City lives on in hundreds of videos on social media, where he can be seen standing up and fighting relentlessly to change and enhance policies impacting residents of the city’s 1st Ward.

Before his death in February, at the age of 65, Mays garnered a loyal fanbase on TikTok, Instagram and various social media platforms for his outrageous, hilarious and inspiring acts of defiance as he challenged members of the city council to create fair and balanced policies for 1st Ward community members. 

Although his brave advocacy would often get him removed from meetings, Mays was re-elected to serve as city councilman three times over the course of his political career, first assuming the role in 2013, M-Live noted. Mays was re-elected to his last term in November 2021.

Over the course of his tenure, Mays would often bud heads with former Flint city council president Kate Fields. While engaged in a heated debate with the councilwoman, a video uploaded to YouTube in May 2023 captured the outspoken Democrat boldly telling the presiding chairman to check Fields after she made a snide remark, questioning his finances.

“Because when they go low, I go nasty,” he asserted.


Eric Mays also channeled his unwavering spirit into fighting back against the Flint Water Crisis.

He gained public recognition and insurmountable respect for speaking out about the Flint water crisis, in which lead and Legionnaires Disease were discovered in the Flint River, the city’s water supply, in 2014. Seven city council members voted on Mays’ proposal to stop using water from the Flint River, but the city’s emergency manager, Jerry Ambrose, reportedly rejected the imperative legislation, Democracy Now highlighted in a 2016 interview with the fierce politician.

“He was wrong,” said Mays, who accused city water officials of submitting samples of water that were “pre-flushed” to hide evidence of contaminants.

These aren’t the only examples of when Eric Mays has spoken up for the people of Flint. Let’s take a look back at some of the councilman’s inspiring and downright hilarious moments.

“You got to stop doing that.”

During an intense city council meeting, Mays got in a heated argument with former Flint City Council President Allie Herkenroder. After Allie urged members of the council to “vote” yes on a pressing bill, Mays didn’t shy away from calling out his colleague about some disparaging remarks she allegedly made about him in the past.

“You’re the reason that I’m going to vote the way I’m going to vote,” he said. “You’ve tried to put words in my mouth like I said you were a racist. You got to stop doing that!”


Flint City Council #blackhistorymonth #ericmays #fyp #flintcitycouncil

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“Cause when you clown, I’m going to double clown.”

Mays didn’t take any mess from members of city council when they became disruptive during a meeting. Attempting to restore order to the assembly, the unapologetic politician held up a clown hat and offered a fair warning to his colleagues.

“If you want to laugh, here go a clown outfit for you. Cause when you clown, I’m going to double clown,” he added.


Replying to @songbird611 not the clown props🤡😂 #ericmays #flintcitycouncil #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – jacaragrace


“Are you willing to take a breathalyzer test?

Mays had no problem asking Councilman Wantwaz Davis if he was sober and if he would be willing to take a breathalyzer test during an argument over Flint trash contracts in September 2016.


“Who you think you talking to?!”

The Flint city councilman stood up to a police officer and an angry attendee at a council meeting when they tried to come at him with disrespect.

“Who you think you talking to? I’m bout ready to cuss you out!” he said.

“Did she just call me a TikTok Performer?”

Mays shutdown city councilwoman Ladel Lewis during a public meeting after she accused the political vet of being “a TikTok performer.” Offended by the comment, Mays tapped on his mic and clapped back, “Did she just call me a TikTok performer, and I’m a serious council member? Is that derogatory? Are you jealous or something?”

“I’m not the one.”

Mays resurrected his classic “when they go low” comment during another public meeting, where he could be heard telling the presiding chairman,“When they go low, I go lower and so far it has worked.”

He hilariously added, “If you want to play with a child, or want to play games, go to Toys “R” Us. I’m not the one.”

“You are out of order!”

Mays got into a heated spat with Kate Fields, again. This time, their verbal quarrel ended with the latter flipping the bird at the three-term councilman. He quickly had her escorted out of the meeting.

“You are out of order… Now get her out of here!” the politician shouted at security.

“Quit sitting up here lying!”

He also called out Fields for allegedly lying during a meeting.


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