Woman Who Claims Diddy Shot Her Says She’s ‘Disgusted’ By Non-Apology Video, ‘It Has Zero Value To Me’


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The woman who for the past 25 years has claimed Diddy shot her recently condemned his apology video (or whatever that was), suggesting it was insincere and disgusting. 

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Natania Reuben has called out Sean “Diddy” Combs and his violent behavior for years. 

Since 1999, Reuben has been trying to get justice for being shot in the face at a nightclub in New York City and she’s been adamant that it was Diddy who shot her. 

After the horrific 2016 video showing Diddy brutally attacking singer Cassie Ventura, then his tasteless non-apology video, Reuben gave her thoughts.

“It has zero value to me,” Reuben said during an interview. “First and foremost, it is the classic scripted publicist apology. ‘I take accountability. I was disgusted. I went to rehab.’ I mean, how many times have we heard this narrative through the annals of time?”

Natania Reuben also said the video means nothing without an apology to Cassie.

“Secondly, it carries no weight to me because he never apologizes to Cassie directly. It was all about him. ‘I’m disgusted,’ ‘I hit a hard time.’ It was all about him.”

Similarly to Cassie, when Reuben made her allegations after the 1999 shooting, she also faced backlash from some in the hip-hop community who said she was “trying to take down a good Black man.”

“I was raised on cultural pride and racial pride. I believe in that wholeheartedly. But what I was also raised was to speak truth to power,” said Natania Reuben.

In the video released by CNN, Ventura can be seen walking down a hotel’s hall to an elevator bank where Diddy – wearing only a towel around his waist – attacks her from behind, knocking her to the ground. He then kicked her motionless body and attempted to drag her down the hall.

The terrifying video also renewed calls to re-investigate the death of Kim Porter, the mother of the disgraced music mogul’s children who died unexpectedly in 2018 under questionable circumstances.

As previously reported by NewsOne, In November, Ventura, Diddy’s former longtime girlfriend, filed a bombshell lawsuit accusing the Grammy-winning hip-hop star of rape and abuse during their nearly 10-year-long relationship.

In Ventura’s lawsuit – which was first reported by the New York Times and quickly settled for $30 million – Diddy, 54, is accused of not only raping her but also keeping her on drugs to control her sexually and physically assaulting and abusing her on multiple occasions.


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