Suspected White Supremacist Punched Black 6th Grader In The Face Because Of His Race, Cops Say

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Imagine being such a miserable and violent racist that you turn your white supremacist ire against a random pre-teen walking back to school from a field trip for no other reason than the child being Black. Such is the case for 42-year-old Paul Jonathan Bittner, according to the police department in Bellingham, Washington, where Bittner allegedly approached a group of 6th graders at Whatcom Middle School and punched one of them in the face in a completely unprovoked attack.

In fact, according to KIRO 7, Bellingham Chief of Police Rebecca Mertzig reported that witnesses claimed Bittner asked the 11-year-old unnamed victim he allegedly attacked, “Are you gonna talk to a white man like that?” So, not only is Bittner a bitter, violent, anti-Black child abuser, according to police, but he’s one that appears to feel like he was born in the wrong time period and is longing for the day when a Black person couldn’t even look a white person in the eye, let alone say anything the white man might find insulting, without risking a lynching that the local police wouldn’t even bother investigating (because, you know, several of them were part of the lynch mob).

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Unfortunately for Bittner, it’s 2024 and he is not a resident of the deep South, so he was charged with Assault of a Minor, as well as Malicious Harassment, which is a hate crime. He was arraigned last Thursday and his bail was set at $500,000.

“Absolutely a hate crime,” Mertzig told KIRO 7. “This gentleman unprovoked, attacked a child for his race.”

The attack reportedly happened right down the street from the Bellingham Police Department. Bittner, according to witnesses, ran off like a coward after punching the child and was chased down by a teacher before being arrested, after which he allegedly continued to make racist remarks as if he was proud of being such a pathetic and cowardly bigot that he would take a swing at someone who’s barely even an adolescent.

Be safe out there, y’all. The racists aren’t getting braver, but they are getting bolder, and they do not limit their Klan-ish activities to picking on someone their own size.


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