Shocking Video Shows Investment Banker Punching Person In The Face Over Alleged Israel-Gaza War Dispute

The person seen and filmed allegedly punching a person in the face on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, has been identified as managing director of a global investment banking firm, Jonathan Kaye. 

The video, which went viral after being posted on Twitter on June 9, shows Kaye of Moelis & Co. allegedly throwing his fist at an unidentified person’s face. The victim then fell to the ground near another person seen struggling to get up. Kaye is then seen walking off as bystanders call him out. “She f— threw shit all over me,” Kaye can be heard saying, with liquid appearing to be splashed on the back of his jacket.  

The exact location of the incident is unknown, but it reportedly happened in the Park Slope neighborhood of the borough hours after the annual LGBTQ+ pride parade. 

After becoming aware of the video, the investment firm confirmed Kaye’s employment and released a statement condemning his behavior. “We have become aware that one of our employees was involved in a serious incident in Brooklyn on June 8,” the statement read.

“We take this matter very seriously and are conducting an investigation.”

According to ABC 7, the assault started allegedly after Kaye at one point told a group holding a Palestinian flag, “You guys are on the wrong side.” However, several social media users feel that, regardless of the issue, he should suffer consequences. “A coward! I hope they take him for every penny,” @gunthereagleman wrote. Another person said, “he definitely needs to go to jail, but before hand he needs his ass kicked!!”

Flyers have been posted near Kaye’s brownstone apartment that he shares with his wife and three kids, as neighbors are furious about the incident. An unidentified man was seen leaving Kaye’s house yelling, “You can’t hide.”

The  New York City Police Department has been made aware of the circulating video but said there has yet to be a police report submitted. The Brooklyn Pride Board, which facilitates Brooklyn’s Pride celebration, released a statement claiming the unidentified victim hasn’t come forward but still does not condone violence of any sort. “Brooklyn Pride has reviewed the video link, and while it appears to have occurred way after the parade had ended, we have forwarded the video to the local precinct,” the Board said in a statement. 

“Brooklyn Pride condemns violence of any kind, and we will continue to monitor what we believe was an abhorrent incident.”

While the event happened following Pride activities, it has not been revealed if the victim is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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