NYC’s Own Cam’ron Disgusted With City Still Having Rat Problems

Harlem-raised entrepreneur and music artist Cam’ron doesn’t have that hometown warmth one comes to expect after moving away. On a recent trip to New York City, the “It Is What It Is” host still declares love for the city but also states that some things don’t change, saying, “I put my time in with them rats and roaches,” and stating that the city “was disgusting.”

Cam took to his Instagram account to state that the city, in some respects, is still the same now that he is currently a Las Vegas resident. According to HipHopDx, he posted a video letting his 3.1 million followers know that he just left the “Big Apple” but isn’t anxious to “do this s**t” anymore, although he did mention he will be back in the summer for “a week or two.” His stay was very brief as he was only out here for less than three hours and was ready to fly back out of town.

“I just left New York. That s**t was disgusting,” he said to the camera while seemingly appearing on a boat. “Out there for two and a half hours, and I booked a flight. I can’t do this s**t. I love this city. I’m coming back in the summer for about a week or two. I put my time in with them rats and roaches. They still haven’t fixed the rat problem. Still!”

Rats have always been a problem for New York City residents, and Cam apparently has put in his time in dealing with the rodents. Although dealing with rats isn’t based on how old you are, he does claim he is “too old for rats.”

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“I can’t do rats no more. I’m too old for rats. What I look like getting out my car with my feet jumping around, doing all this sh*t when I get out the car ’cause a rat is there. I’m sick of that sh*t. I’m not apologizing for it neither. I ain’t even gonna act like I’m sorry for it a little bit.”

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