Ice Cube Reveals ‘Last Friday’ Movie Might Be On The Way

After the success of the fourth installment of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s “Bad Boys” series, we might be in line for the sequel to Ice Cube’s “Friday” series after years of setbacks and false hope.

In a recent episode on Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav’s Sirius XM show, “Flavor of the Week,” Cube discussed the possibility that the fourth “Friday” movie is closer to fruition.

Less than two years ago, Cube was on “Drink Champs” talking about how Warner Bros. rejected the script for what is tentatively titled “Last Friday.” Now that there is new leadership at the studio, Cube has revealed that it should happen soon.

“We finally got some traction with Warner Brothers,” Cube stated. “They have new leadership. My man Mike DeLuca, who used to be at New Line [Cinema] when I first started, when I first did the first ‘Friday’ and ‘Players Club’ and ‘All About the Benjamins.’ Mike DeLuca was there, so now he’s running Warner Brothers.

“Mike DeLuca was there, right, so now he’s running Warner Brothers, and him and my man Michael Gruber was like, ‘Yo, what the f**k is going on with Friday? Man, let’s get this sh*t back online.”

Cube reiterated his frustrations with Warner Bros. and stated that some key actors from the movie passed away over the years, such as John Witherspoon, Tiny “Zeus” Lister Jr., and Anthony Johnson.

“I was a little hot ’cause they had took so long,” he continued. “Because John Witherspoon passed away, Tiny passed away, A.J. Johnson passed away. Man, we keep losing people. And y’all keep d**king around not doing the movie the way it need to be done.”

But it looks like that barrier has been broken, and we could be viewing “Last Friday” soon.

“They want to do it. But the key is it gotta be done,” he said. “So, they finally came to their senses.”

The original “Friday” was released in theaters back in 1995. The sequel, “Next Friday,” came out in 2000, and two years later, in 2002, the last movie in this series, “Friday After Next,” was seen by the world.

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