GOP Sen. Mike Lee Among MAGA Minions Downplaying White Supremacist March In Nashville As ‘False Flag’

Patriot Front march in Washington

Members of the far-right group Patriot Front are seen marching through Washington, D.C., on May 13th, 2023. | Source: Anadolu / Getty

Here’s a simple truth: MAGA conservatives refuse to take any responsibility for the things they create.

When Jan. 6 rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a failed effort to overturn a legal and fair election prompted by the MAGA world’s election fraud propaganda, they claimed, without evidence, that it was Antifa that was responsible for the violence, or they blamed the media for distorting what happened that day byoh, I don’t know—pointing cameras at it and hitting the “record” button. And now, when white nationalists and white supremacist groups—which all seem to share similar ideologies with the MAGA-indoctrinated GOP—are marching through American streets, MAGA conservatives claim, without evidence, that it’s a government-sourced false flag operation. A “fed operation,” if you will.

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Here are some simple facts: Over the weekend, white men believed to be members of the white nationalist group Patriot Frontdue to them wearing the same dark shirts and khaki-colored pants members of the organization of fragile, angry and perpetually aggrieved white men are known to wear—marched through waving around Confederate flags, American flags and upside-down American flags. They chanted phrases such as “Reclaim America,” “Deportation saves the nation,” and “Sieg Heil,” a German phrase adopted by the Nazi Party that translates to “Hail Victory.” They transported their members to the demonstration in U-Haul trucks, just as Patriot Front members did in 2022 when 31 of them were arrested on charges of conspiracy to start a riot at a Pride event in Idaho.

From Newsweek:

One clip, posted on the Telegram group Patriot Front Sightings, showed a man making a speech into a megaphone with people standing to attention behind him.

He says: “We lay ultimate claim to the pride of our mighty nation’s legacy—because without the race of men that built America, without the ironclad resolve of our ancestors, there would be no America.

“We are heirs to an expensive and continental homeland purchased with immeasurable sacrifice.

“The most natural of human truth, the pride of one’s home, the instinct of who he is, nationalism is natural, patriotism is inevitable.”

A video of the full speech shows the man also saying the group “reject(s) the politicians who perpetuate the invasion of our country” and “any and every influence in this land that is not of this land.”

So, loud and proud white nationalists marched through Nashville while delivering pro-colonizer speeches about keeping brown people out of the land their ancestors stole while whining about “invasion” without catching even a whiff of the irony.

Since conservatives know they’ll never convince the public to ignore and deny what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears, their only recourse is to spread the fake news that these white supremacist groups are actually undercover Fed operatives staging false flag events—a convenient argument that is not immediately provable or disprovable, allowing them to pull out of their hind parts at any time without a shred of evidence to substantiate it.

It isn’t just right-wing media outlets and random pseudo-intellectuals on the interwebs pretending to know things who are making this fed-op claim. Here’s Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) not only suggesting the march in Nashville was a “false flag operation,” but claiming he has never even heard of Patriot Front.

“I’ve never heard of this group,” Lee wrote of the group that was largely responsible for the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and has consistently made headlines, especially since the Jan. 6 riot, which Patriot Front members have also been arrested in connection with. (Nah, I’m sure Lee never heard of them. Who knows what kind of wi-fi signal he gets living under a rock that also lives under a rock?)

Needless to say, hypocrites like Lee never default to these “false flag” conspiracy theories when Black Lives Matter protests become violent. That narrative only applies when Republicans are trying desperately to distance themselves from the white supremacists who share most of their views, or when minions of the MAGA world are dodging responsibility for the white nationalist demonstrations their ideologies inspire.

It’s not “the feds,” it’s a mirror—and they just can’t handle that truth.


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