Ex-Teacher Under Investigation For Allegedly Recording Sexually Explicit Videos Inside Elementary School

A former teacher from Lamar Consolidated ISD acknowledged her grave error in judgment by recording sexually explicit videos of herself within the premises of Gray Elementary School.

The revelation prompted the school district to initiate an investigation following a news conference where community activists denounced the former educator’s conduct. According to KHOU 11, the unidentified woman admitted, “It was a poor judgment on my part…I would never do it again.”

Currently residing with family in Harris County, she has filed a police report for possible revenge porn.

She claimed the videos were intended solely for an ex-boyfriend with whom she had experienced a tumultuous breakup, and the videos were recorded on a Sunday, when she visited the school in Richmond, Texas, to retrieve something or in a restroom when no one else was present. “I’ve never sent this out to thousands of men. Like, I’m not that type of person,” she asserted. “This was just a private relationship, and he released it.”

Activists Candace Matthews and Quanell X informed KHOU 11 that one video depicted the ex-teacher undressing inside a classroom, while another showed her “…doing this porn video in the school bathroom, during school hours.”

The school district stated that it was the teacher’s first year with them, and they didn’t figure any children were around while she was recording. Activists are advocating for the revocation of the former teacher’s license, among other measures.

While the teacher hasn’t been charged, anyone who shares the video may be subject to criminal charges. “Anyone who sends that material out, promotes it for whatever purpose, puts themselves in harm’s way and can be charged,” legal analyst Carmen Roe said. “And, in Texas, we do file these charges and pursue punishment pretty aggressively.”

The former teacher resigned from Lamar CISD at the end of the school year, citing unrelated reasons. As the investigation unfolds, she hopes the incident will not permanently tarnish her long-term career or reputation.

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