Black Women LEGO Collectors Build Community On TikTok

Black women are building a community of fellow classic toy lovers. This assortment of LEGO collectors have found one another through TikTok.

Many have posted videos as part of a “showing off” trend, accompanied by the song “Mr Pot Scrapper” by rapper BossMan Dlow. Black women, and even men, get to display their massive collections and connect with fellow LEGO lovers. One TikTok user, Alyssa Evans, spoke on the joy of finding others like her who shared in the hobby.

“I didn’t expect it to go the way that it did,” she explained to NBC News. “I didn’t expect to find a sense of community because LEGOs as a hobby is a non-POC, male-dominated hobby. So when I saw other women of color posting about it, of all different ages, it warmed my heart.”

Evans has an expansive collection, one she takes immense pride in. From Lego flower sets to the toy’s version of Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” Evans has gained traction online from those in awe and fellow building-block enthusiasts.

@uhleesuh01 lego, pls add me to your pr list #legos #fy ♬ Mr Pot Scraper – BossMan Dlow

Black women like Evans have expressed the hobby is a stress-reliever for Adult Fans of Legos or “AFOLs.” As a result, seeing others partake is also a reassuring feeling that their joy is not uncommon.

“I’ve definitely found a sense of community in it,” expressed Evans. “There’s not really that ‘alone’ feeling anymore. Before it wasn’t a hobby that I shared; I did it for myself. I didn’t know there were other women out there. It heals my inner child.” 

Moreover, the company shared in the excitement of seeing more diverse LEGO users.

“We are thrilled to see the engagement by Black women using LEGO bricks as a creative outlet to celebrate the passions they have,” explained Alero Dawn Akuya, Lego’s vice president of brand development, to the news outlet. “The Black community is rich with creativity, inspiration, and positivity and we are humbled that the community is recognizing our products to express themselves and their personal stories!”

LEGO has also committed resources and funding to the Black community. In 2020, amid Black Lives Matter protests, the company promised a $4 million donation for initiatives benefiting Black children. Akuya continued on Lego’s commitment to building a greater society for all.

Akuya added, “Making everyone feel welcome to the LEGO universe is critical to our purpose for being, and we make an active effort to ensure our product and marketing activities reflect this ambition.”

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