Black Men Build Launches ‘New Men Tour,’ A Safe Space For Black Men To Build Community

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Black Men Build, a grassroots membership organization dedicated to empowering Black men and their families, has launched the New Men Tour initiative that is coming to a city near you.

Amid a turbulent election season and heightened geopolitical tensions, the New Men Tour will host a series of “Men’s Circle” gatherings that will provide a safe space for Black men to address the unique challenges they face today. Attendees will connect with like-minded individuals, gaining practical tools to strengthen community power and safeguard their families.

According to Phil Agnew, co-founder of Black Men Build, the Men’s Circle gathering is “sacred and powerful.” 

He continued, “They allow us to connect deeply and give us the fuel to keep working and organizing. The tour will feature mass meetings, men’s circles, and training sessions led by community leaders, focusing on mental health, economic empowerment, and community organizing.”

At its core, Black Men Build fosters spaces where Black men can simply be themselves — engaged in conversation, challenged, educated, and united. It’s about sharing tools and transforming into a formidable political force capable of winning battles. Strong communities begin with strong relationships, cultivated within a supportive circle.

The New Men Tour will conduct its Circle events in 10 cities nationwide, including New Orleans, Raleigh, Dallas, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Detroit, Columbus, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami. Whether you’ve participated in a Black Men Build Men’s Circle before or are new to the experience, this tour promises a heightened level of engagement and impact.

Attendees will get to participate in a 90-minute Men’s Circle facilitated by Black Men Build members and listen to discussions and calls to action with local organizations and guest speakers. Complimentary food will be served. The event is completely FREE and welcomes Black boys and men of all ages. Find your city and sign up here. 


Why is it important for Black men to find supportive communities?

Building meaningful friendships and cultivating strong personal circles is vital for the personal development of Black men, as highlighted by a 2023 University of Michigan study that revealed significant positive emotional benefits from these relationships.

In a societal landscape where Black men frequently encounter systemic racism, discrimination, and stereotypes, supportive friendships serve as essential sanctuaries for emotional expression, validation, and mutual understanding. These friendships not only provide a safe space but also act as a buffer against stress, contributing to improved mental health outcomes.

Moreover, supportive friends offer practical advice, encouragement, and valuable perspectives during challenging times. Whether facing personal difficulties, professional setbacks, or navigating broader societal issues, friends provide empathy and help navigate complex situations effectively.


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