Another Ex-Trump Aide Calls Kamala Harris A ‘DEI Hire’ And ‘Colored’ As Blatantly Racist Trend Continues

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For the second time in two days, a former Donald Trump aide has made an appearance on Newsmax and called Vice President Kamala Harris a “DEI Hire,” despite the fact that she was appointed by the president to a position for which there is no existing diversity, equity and inclusion program.

In fact, not only did White House aide-turned-conservative radio host Sebastian Gorka use white America’s new favorite racial slur against Harris, but he also called her “colored,” using the racist language of his ancestors. And this, during the era of America that Republicans want to make America again (um–antebellum America?).

Ever since Trump supporters have started speculating that President Joe Biden might drop out of the 2024 presidential race, especially after his abysmal performance in the first presidential debate, leaving Harris to pick up the mantle as the Democratic nominee. Nevermind the fact that Biden and his administration have said multiple times that the president has no plans to quit the race, the prospect of a potential Kamala Harris campaign has given the MAGA world exactly what it wants—an opportunity to attack Harris with casual yet blatant racism.

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“Do these donors really think that Kamala Harris is going to do better in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania than Joe Biden would?” Newsmax host Rob Schmitt asked Gorka “I mean, that’s because it can’t be anybody else, right?”

“You’re being logical. Stop it. All right?” Gorka replied. “She’s a DEI hire, right? She’s a woman. She’s colored. Therefore, she’s got to be good. And at least her brain doesn’t literally freeze in mid-sentence.”

Gorka’s display of normalized racism comes just after John Ullyot, who served in the Department of Veterans Affairs and as National Security Council spokesperson under the Trump administration, made the same comment about Harris on Newsmax, which earned him a scolding from host Sarah Williamson.

To be fair, Gorka and Ullyot probably assumed using the Newsmax platform to call a Black woman the N-word without calling her the N-word was all good since Tennessee Republican House member and former mayor, Tim Burchett, did the same thing just last week.

“Really…when I hear her talk, I just, I just scratch my head and think: ‘Is this what DEI is really about?’” Burchett said. “And it clearly is. She checks all the boxes, you know, she’ll say she’s of Indian descent one day, and then when it fits, she’ll say she’s Black descent.”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) also referred to Harris as a “DEI hire” this week.

Also, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah):

It’s true that “skin color does not denote merit,” but, apparently, it is all that is needed for white people to call Black people in positions of power “DEI hires.” Here’s what I wrote about that Tuesday after Ullyot made his comment:
Harris was chosen as Biden’s VP, and while her non-white and male identity might have had some influence on Biden’s decision to choose her as a running mate, that doesn’t make her a DEI hire. Otherwise, the same could be said for Rep. Byron Donalds and Sen. Tim Scott—who are both reportedly on the shortlist of potential running mates for Trump—and every other conservative “Black friend” Republicans have paraded around despite their absence of any discernable qualifications for the offices they’ve run for or been appointed to. (I’m looking at you, Heschel Walker and Ben Carson.)
In fact, maybe we should just flip it on them and start calling white people in positions of power “white supremacy hires.”
Think about it: Kamala Harris is the first non-white male vice president in America’s 235-year history of having vice presidents. There’s only one reason any institution has only ever been run by white men—because for the overwhelming majority of the existence of those institutions, only white men could access the education, credentials and societal permission to rise to those positions. The reason for that is patriarchy and white supremacy, so whenever we see a white man in an office or position that is rarely if ever held by non-white men, we should refer to those white men as “white supremacy hires,” because that’s exactly what they are, especially if we’re following the Caucasian non-logic behind their “DEI hire” racial slur. 
It’s not just Republican politicians who are causally letting the slips from their Klan robes show. Last week, columnist Charles Gasparino penned a whole op-ed piece in the New York Post titled, America may soon be subjected to the country’s first DEI president: Kamala Harris.
White conservatives believe they have found some clever way to be racist without it being obvious, but it is obvious. “DEI hire” isn’t some complex coded language that can’t be easily translated. We know what they’re really saying just by the way they apply it blindly (but not color-blindly) when Black people serve in positions not obtained through DEI, or when they assume DEI is why a person was hired while knowing absolutely nothing about that person besides the fact that they’re Black.
We see you. Your bigotry is loud and clear. You’re not hiding it just because you’re not calling us the N-word. Honestly, you might as well be. 


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